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Items that we'll share in the Web 2 smackdown session.This is where many people share. You may also share on twitter under #w2smackdown

This is written to to share information about Cell phones in schools.  My first job in the 1990's was in the telecom business and I was the General Manager for Southwest Georgia for Cellular One (precursor to Verizon.) Now, I teach and blog at Cool Cat Teacher.  Enjoy and send me your thoughts to coolcatteacher at

Jun 21, 09

Get in line to demo your favorite Web 2.0 tool. -- come to the front.

  • IF you want to demo something on your computer - bring the computer w/ a "buddy" -- you will begin talking while they hook up so you can demo.
  • Setting the timer for 3 minutes per person. - Paul Wood is our "official official"
  • We're streaming into elluminate
  • You can present vicariously -- pull someone in from skype video and then use your computer to plug in - bring up the tool and let them present. Let's see who we can skype in!!!

Each person has 3 minutes to present (thus the buddy to set up while you talk.) - You ONLY have 3 minutes - then, you'll be asked to stop!

I really like Webslides and Lists on Diigo as well as Classroom groups (which let you add kids younger than Coppa minimum age.)

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