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Jun 11, 12

A flashmob at graduation? Oh yes. If you want to smile at kids and what happens in today's interconnected society watch this graduation flashmob. Without social media, I doubt this sort of thing would be possible. 

Sep 23, 09

Before you can join the project wiki, you must join and be approved for our main project wiki. After you join and are approved here, you will have to take the second step to join the project wiki.

Oct 17, 11

Bjork releases an album along with 3D images in an app for the ipad. This is how artists and music are evolving. It is the first of its kind. Interesting. I'm sending this to our Flat Classroom students as they study how technology is impacting arts, entertainment, and leisure. This would make a fascinating video.

Oct 16, 11

Microsoft leaves Flash and Sliverlight in IE10 - the browser for Windows 8 in lieu of HTML 5. I guess Microsoft is now following Apple's lead.

Oct 22, 10

This is how movements now happen! Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time has girls not wearing makeup on Tuesdays. T-shirts and, of course, social media, characterize what these girls are doing (and the guys who support them.)

For pundits who think social media is a negative, this is an example of how this generation redefines the world using social networking to spread statements of a generation more quickly than books can be printed.

  • Their message was heard loud and clear. The school-sanctioned club — Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time — quickly grew to 200 members. Boys at the school even formed a support group to encourage the girls.
Oct 18, 10

Explore flu trends around the world. Great for class discussions. You can also download world flu activity data.

Oct 14, 10

From Angela Maiers. Gary's social media count is an embeddable page that shows you how fast things are growing and going in the social media world.

Oct 12, 10

Not sure when Google TV is coming out but it looks like it will be in the UK first.

  • Logitech did tell The INQUIRER in May that Google's TV service was due to start slowly rolling out from January 2011 in the UK.
    • Vicki Davis
      Vicki Davis on Oct 12, 10

      Google TV is going to roll out first in the UK. Some of our UK students may want to look into this a little bit more and report back to the group.

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  • What is for sure is that all parties involved in Google TV are mentioning conflicting dates, especially Google, which can't seem to agree with itself.
Sep 15, 10

This website is a centralized location for crowdsourcing US government initiatives, grants, contests, etc. Here are some great contests to engage your grad students and high school students if you're here in the US (or just about anyone.)

Apr 12, 10

A website that many teachers are using to match up with other classrooms and skype and videoconference between them. Several teachers in Maine are doing this that I know of including Cherrie MacInnes. Great place to go!

Mar 30, 10

Share this with your students who love video games. I love how Alfred shares his thoughts on the transition from gamer to game designer. This is a huge market especially as education moves to gaming platforms as well.

Mar 25, 10

This is upsetting. Flash mobs have traditionally been a lot of fun -- now they are violent teenage rampages. Some cities are outlawing them!

  • But these so-called flash mobs have taken a more aggressive and raucous turn here as hundreds of teenagers have been converging downtown for a ritual that is part bullying, part running of the bulls: sprinting down the block, the teenagers sometimes pause to brawl with one another, assault pedestrians or vandalize property.
Nov 17, 09

While this article starts out about a lawfirm in Birmingham UK that is going to "track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online" it becomes an amazingly poignant article on the very nature of the Internet today and the push pull between anonymous commenting and accountability of the commenter. Push pull between free speech and online identity and brand protection.

One person in this article claims that this sort of thing is the sign that the "wild west" of the INternet is coming to an end. Oh dear, I hope someone invents a new one if somehow anonymous commenters are now going to risk such!

Also love the article's discussion of the Streisand effect wherein Barbara protested the sharing of some photos of her eroding beachfront which caused a stir and more people looking at the photos than if she had left it alone.

This article is going to be a must read for Flat Classroom students and would be great for college-level discussions as well.

  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.
  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.
  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.

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Oct 27, 09

Another Comic location. This is supposed to have animated comics also as part of this.

Oct 27, 09

Love how Tara in Bangkok, Thailand used Wordle to introduce books and then mashed up the words in voicethread. What a fascinatingly creative way to use these tools!

Oct 26, 09

Fred Haas' reflections are so very real when it comes to ambitious global collaborations. I had to laugh as he said about NetGenEd (last spring's project): "Without question it was a mildly harrowing but ultimately rewarding experience."

The learning curve is TREMENDOUS but once you have it under your belt it is similar to your first year of teaching or boot camp for someone in the military. If you're wondering if this sort of thing is for you, take a read of Fred's very real reflections.

Julie nor I NOR ANY global collaborator will ever say it is easy - if it is perhaps you're not having to be as engaged as perhaps you need to be. However, it is most rewarding!

  • it was a mildly harrowing but ultimately rewarding experienc
  • Yet, as Vicki Davis quipped at the beginning of the project, “The thing about working on the bleeding edge is sometimes you bleed.”
  • The reality of asynchronous communication that is at times messy and requires patience was not quite as exciting as they were hoping.

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Oct 26, 09

Massive multiplayer role playing game for learning Mandarin Chinese. Immersion is supposed to be the best way to learn and here it is!

Oct 26, 09

The will look the same to most people except that what is behind it is part of the open source movement with the whitehouse code - now powered by Drupal -- is open source.

For educators, if you've found administrators objecting to the open source movement, maybe you should consider using the white house as an example.

Oct 26, 09

Net neutrality is an important issue being addressed by the US government right now to prevent companies from sort of creating their own version of the Internet. These rules are supposed to keep things "open." I'm also sending these to my digiteen students (you can follow digiteen at and Flat Classroom students ( for work on their project.

Oct 22, 09

Barnes and Noble's response to the Kindle: The Nook.

It uses the Android operating system (Google's mobile OS) and can install 3rd party Android Apps. It also has an MP3 player but does not have built in text to speech (so no UDL here) -

If you use the free wifi at Barnes and Noble you can read any ebook for free - otherwise it is something that you need to buy.

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