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Apr 19, 12

Cell phones will be able to see through walls according to new research. Perhaps the pundits would do well to watch a few old episodes of Star Trek since the tricorder seems to be getting closer to reality than ever. Such things have all kinds of privacy issues at the helm deserving discussion now before we see our way to a future of things that cause big brother to be everywhere. 

Nov 23, 11

AS you shop, you should download the RedLaser app for your smartphone. Compare your prices while you're in the store.

Nov 23, 11

Flipboard has its first catalog go live. Gilt Taste will launch on Flipboard in time for black Friday designed to "make people hungry and thirsty."

(I'm finding great resources for our Flat Classroom researchers.)

Nov 16, 11

This survey shows that iPad with the $199 price tag is a 'serious" contender for the ipad. I had someone ask me about Kindle fire vs. iPad. Definitely people are comparing it. 

One of the top complaints about Droids has been the somewhat loosely managed droid store but the Kindle fire will use Amazon's app store not droid.I also had some people on Google plus point out to me as we talked about this that the droid OS on tablet device has a much better response to touch than do the smaller devices. This is one of those wait and see type things, I think.

Oct 28, 11

HEre is the information on Verizon's website about the St. Mary's case study with downloadables and a video. You know there are many options for 1:1 programs - and ipads and netbooks aren't the only two. Take a look here and balance the decision.

Oct 28, 11

I've been messaging with Scott Newcomb about what they are doing at his school in Ohio and got this message: "Every student 3-5 has their own smart phone (MLD). We are starting BYOD with the upper grades this year." Here is their mobile learning blog.

Oct 17, 11

This app lets you control cad and 3d environments like Google Sketchup. Really, the Ipad is now an interface with your regular computer and it is only beginning. The Maide video is definitely worth a watch and if you do anything with 3D design or CAD, this is worth a look.

Oct 16, 11

Galaxy tab infringes on Apple's patent, a judge says as she holds up the two devices from 10 feet away and asks Samsung lawyers to identify which is their client's product.

Oct 07, 11

Apple was going to announce the iPHone 5 but instead announced the "4S" it lets you do a lot of things with your voice and Siri a virtual assistant is part of the device.

  • Order your iPhone online and get it delivered to your door. It ships free and ready to use.
May 26, 10

Children have more access to cell phones than "books on paper." My answer - redefine books and deliver all educational content via handheld. Stop defining the future of our children with the tools of our past.

Mar 25, 10

Lots of my friends here on this agenda -- @Parentalla (Aparna Vashisht) {Her mother took us around India and is a delightful person} Kevin Jarrett @kjarrett, Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEdu Mary Beth Hertz @mbteach Chris Lehman - @chrislehmann to name a few. So much fun! Also, my friend George Haines has his 8th grade students speaking - looking for them on the program as well.

Of course Ivanka Trump and Anne Curry are also on the list. Have fun and good luck everyone!

Oct 26, 09

Current State of Mobile Learning - this is a book that talks about mobile learning. (hat tip to Stephen Downes) - it is an important article for those designing learning to read (as well as my Flat Classroom students writing about mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Oct 22, 09

Barnes and Noble's response to the Kindle: The Nook.

It uses the Android operating system (Google's mobile OS) and can install 3rd party Android Apps. It also has an MP3 player but does not have built in text to speech (so no UDL here) -

If you use the free wifi at Barnes and Noble you can read any ebook for free - otherwise it is something that you need to buy.

Jun 23, 09

Mobile barcodes are a cool way that cell phones are now being used - integrating pictures with SMS - it is called MMS.

Hardlinking or linking using barcodes in the real world to the virtual world is an emerging trend of how the world wide web is evolving.

  • "The goal was to make the athletes more personal to the Nike 6.0 consumer,
  • Jagtag's MMS 2D bar code system works with every camera phone on the Verizon Wireless and AT&T networks.
  • Jagtag's platform is a means to deliver audio, video and pictures to a mass mobile audience, which may not have an all-you-can-eat data plan.

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Oct 05, 09

This video explains RFID tags and QR Codes very well and is from the NetGenEd project and will help someone envision the kind of video made for this topic.

Sep 14, 09

iPhone programming as part of a college computer science curriculum - ABSOLUTELY! Congratulations Dean Shareski!

  • application development for Apple Inc.'s iPhone smartphone mobile device.
Sep 09, 09

Cell phone lesson plan from Beth Glasgow in Shelby County Alabama (courtesy of my new friend Dr. Frank Buck)

Aug 03, 09

The schools in Iowa gave up their proposal to jam mobile phone signals (it is against the law.) Dr. Scott McLeod shares his communications with the interim superintendant.

Aug 03, 09

A school in Iowa wants to buy equipment to jam cell phone signals on campus. Ah, so misguided! Why not embrace them and use them for positive purposes?

Jun 26, 09

Mr. Robbo, the PE Geek, filmed this video on his cell phone about how he uses QR Codes in the classroom. He filmed it on his cellphone and uploaded it to qik -- he is in Australia!

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