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20 Sep 12

I teach students not to use "weasel words" in their collaborative writing. This includes things like "Many people say" or "it is widely thought" - these statements, unless backed up by a reliable source, lend credibility without fact backing them up. These are words that students should be familiarized with when writing for academic purposes in collaborative writing.

25 Jun 12

Another case study example of good discussions. Good discussions underlie excellent wikis.

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25 Jun 12

The NetGen Ed project 2012 had a new method of organizing the wiki using icons, etc. We received feedback from the teachers that students understood what to do in the project better because of using the icons. This is definitely a best practice when you create massive wikis.

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16 Feb 12

Teaching effective writing requires a lot of proofing, editing, feedback, and revision. What if you could harness the power of students, peer review, and Web 2.0 tools to supercharge your writing? You can. In addition to the traditional writing taught in classrooms, a new form of writing is here. Collaborative writing is fundamentally different from traditional essay writing in that students should know how to create content, edit, and discuss to produce authentic, collaborative work. As a teacher who coordinates wikis where thousands of students edit and co-create, Vicki can show you how collaborative content creation looks and how it aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

31 Dec 11

Did you know that on Wikispaces that you can comment and annotate individual items on the page? It was rolled out earlier this year and is a great feature, especially for writing teachers. If you want to know how to use this little known feature, here is where you go.

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03 Sep 11

Less than 15% of wikipedia editors are women. This isn't surprising to many of us. I used to be a pretty active editor on several topics myself but the constant arguments were not something I had time for. I have two teenagers for that.

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19 Jun 10

If you want to spend time with the gurus at wikispaces -- here is your chance! These guys are GREAT.

29 Jun 09

Voices of the world project. This is a project that kindergarten teacher Maria Knee participates with. It is a fascinating collaboration of students.

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22 Aug 08

This page has a LOT of my wiki resources on it. Presentations, videos, and the k12 online tutorial that is still pretty current.

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