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03 Aug 13

A slick presentation about Google apps for education. Becky Evans created and shared this and says you can use it as a presentation to introduce current features to teachers at your school. Take a look as you prepare to give teachers an overview of Google Apps for Education.

04 Jul 13

This is a popular list on given by a teacher about iProductivity in the classroom. You can see how the listly tool works and also some great information on using ipads in the classroom. I like how you can drill down to different views including "curated" order - crowd rank and alphabetized. This is like Diigo lists but with crowd enhanced capabilities. Cool tool and informative list.

13 Oct 12

Twitter bought posterous, which continues to have problems. Richard Byrne makes a good point that it is likely you may lose posterous. An unfortunate thing to happen and why many of us go to paid service. I was getting ready to move to wordpress until I saw I had 1800 followers through Blogger who has recently made tweaks to make it more like Tumblr. Interesting conondrum.

20 Sep 12

There is a new type of wiki called the "federated wiki" that is the new brainchild of wiki inventor, Ward Cunningham. INfluenced by GitHub, this invention lets you "fork" a wiki page and make your own version with the original author having the choice to integrate your changes or keep it separate. This may be a great type of collaborative writing tool for researchers and academicians who often are concerned about adding to a common repository in that the page could evolve to no longer represent their views but their name is still affixed to the page. On the other hand, those who may not understand it, might incorrectly attribute something that has been forked and edited but not approved by the original author. I like the potential, however. For those of you who do collaborative work, this is an excellent read.

25 Apr 12

Here's the TED-Ed website where you can flip lessons. One other nice thing is you can also see what other teachers have done.

03 Feb 12

Tons of web 2 tools for elearning. Here are some I haven't played with yet. If you love playing with apps, this website will give you lots of them.

20 Dec 11

Another cool tool from Larry Ferlazzo that lets you make tours.

20 Dec 11

I will definitely use this with my classes this year. This website guides you through making step by step tutorials.

12 Dec 11

A judge rules that a blogger is not a journalist because she was not affiliated with a "newspaper, magazine, periodical, book, pamphlet, news service, wire service,news or feature syndicate, or cable television syndicate." I find this definition troublesome. For example, my blog is featured on alltop - does that mean I'm syndicated and now safe? I have a book in January, does that mean I'm safe as a journalist? When is one just a person writing and when does a person become a "journalist" per se? Bottom line,be careful what you say on your blog - the definition of journalist is still very much defined by a main stream media mindset.

05 Dec 11

If you don't understand social bookmarking, here is a common craft video called "Social Bookmarking in Plain English." It explains how social bookmarking works.

09 Nov 11

This is where students are heading. This makes it worth it. Here is a student of mine from a few years back who has graduated and gone on to college. She has created a blog to sell her knitting and is raking in the orders. She's also markting through Facebook. Look at these stunning photographs and this beautiful blog. I'm so proud I could cry.

When you teach a student to blog and take beautiful pictures you are introducing them to their future. While I certainly cannot take credit for her raw talent, I can look at this and know I was a tiny part of her beauty and career. That perhaps I gave her a jumpstart. I look at this and say "YES!" I'm so proud. She graduated in 2010 and here she is doing this. (Hasn't had any classes in this in college BTW, she's doing this on her own.)


04 Nov 11

Tons of interactive white board resources - FREE ONES from @Tesconnect - I'm sending all of these to our kindergarten teachers. Lots of great free stuff. TES is in the UK so sometimes the terms are different but great resources.

07 Nov 11

Fakebook tool from You can create a fake facebook profile for a famous person in history along with friends. It even looks up photographs when you add the names. OUr AP literature teacher is using this tool and loves it. It is not real facebook so you won't get in trouble with them for making a fake profile.

07 Nov 11

A word cloud creator that makes things into shapes. Take a popular book or website and convert it into a word cloud that is in a shape. What a cool thing you could do for your school.

07 Nov 11

Create word clouds with just about anything. (Tip from Tammy Worcester) paste in free answers from Google forms surveys. (Tip from me - paste into MS word first and turn it all into lowercase.)

27 Sep 11

A new private way to share files. (Hat tip Julie Lindsay.)

18 Sep 11

This handy firefox add on lets you hold down the right mouse button and draw a square over a set of links. Then, it will open each of those links into its own tab. This is useful if you have students placing links on a page and need to open each link to assess them. This is the only firefox extension that I found compatible with the newest version of firefox, although it is preliminary, I've found it to work fine for me.

03 Aug 11

Just published on August 2, 2011 here Lifehacker talks about the items you should download on yourWindows PC and why. Read this first and then use the ninite installer to automate the installation AND update your software. It doesn't install pesky toolbars you don't want. Cool tools.

03 Aug 11

This incredible website lets you pick all of the software you want and automatically says NO to toolbars and "junk" you don't want on the computer. I'm using it to make sure I have everything on the new computers I'm putting in at school. It is missing a few virtual world programs but overall it saves TONS of time! It even does updates! Works for Linux and PC.

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