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Nov 18, 13

While most teachers will not understand what this means, an API is something that lets other websites interact with a main website. OpenEd has released an API to allow others to interact with their resources and find things based on standards or keywords. What this means is that OpenEd is going to be a very useful tool for all of education in the future because of this technological tool. It also means that if you're developing for a state or for an organization that provides educational resources, you should tap into this for a huge repository of almost a quarter of a million standards aligned resources that your teachers can search. This is great news.

Apr 17, 13

One of my students is the daughter of a local pediatrician and wants to go into the field herself. She created her channel last year and is continuing to add videos this year. She has a video What is the CAT/CT Scan machine that has over 53,000 views! She scans her little brother while her Dad (a pediatrician) runs the video camera. Her desire was to create videos that will help children be less afraid of the doctor and the equipment used. I think it is kind of funny the expressions her little brother has. ;-)

Jan 08, 13

This older video from Seth Godin about "curiosity" is a fantastic video to show teachersac about inspiring curiosity. This is the habitude my school is going to start with and focus on for the next six weeks. I'm showing this video on Wednesday. We show this starting with "why does this matter." 

Dec 19, 12

"Front & Center with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Photos, videos and stories from our artists. Interviews, articles and links from our staff. A new way to follow the music!"
So many organizations are finding an audience on Tumblr and YouTube. Schools, arts, and more. The stage is no longer the only stage or the most important stage - and websites like tumblr can help struggling nonprofits attract more.

In this series, the artists are talking about how they've created new artistry around the Nutcracker. Very cool.

Dec 12, 12

The new viral video doesn't show spunky, loud people showing out -- no, it is a non-native English speaker dubbed over a hand-drawn video about the Power of Introverts. With over a million views, this video is being shared and reshared. It is vital to value those of us who tend to be more introverted. This has definitely resonated. As quoted from Mashable,

"Still, less than two weeks after its release, "The Power of Introverts" has racked up an impressive 1 million views on YouTube.

Based on the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain, the video is illustrated and narrated by Daniel Widfeldt Lomas, a Swedish-born former student at the New York Film Academy. It's the first in a series of videos that expounds on Cain's theories. (The second one just launched and can be found here.)"

Aug 30, 12

Looking at Wevideo, a tool that I'm going to be testing with students that allows students to edit video together. This is great.

Aug 28, 12

A fascinating way that allows you to shoot and upload video that is integrated with Google drive. While there is a free version, there are also paid versions for higher capacity requirements. This allows online video editing and easy sharing with social media. This may be the resource we've been looking for collaborative video editing. Eager to try.

May 19, 12

Best online conversioin tool, hands down. Richard is right. I like it because it doesn't require giving your email and it converts just about anything to anything else.

May 14, 12

Those in the UK might want to use this "Queen for a Day" lesson plan but I've seen some great "President for a Day" activities where students record a campaign speech for what they would do if they were president. 

May 13, 12

You can download a 30 day free trial of Stop Motion Pro and have students create pirate videos to enter in this competition. Your kids could win a free trip (and learn about video.) What a great way to end the school year as the deadline is May 29.

Apr 17, 12

More than 9,000 clips on many topics available for free and organized. You can peruse this list of clips which are also attached to lesson plans and activities. If you're looking for high quality video, this is a great free resources.

Mar 19, 12

You can mark and annotate youtube videos with a customized player to mark sections, etc. This embed plus tool is a fascinating one to use with students and in blog posts.

Feb 13, 12

New video website creation website from Richard Byrne 's website. I wonder how many schools will create video repositories using this site. It could also be a good way to have video portfolios made from a YouTube channel for a student.

Feb 06, 12

A science channel for your classroom. I love his field-wide classroom experiment.

Jan 16, 12

These science teachers went to Antarctica to perform science experiments. One is about the effects of cold on the human body and how our bodies react to cold. The other is their quest for lichens. It also shares the importance of recording data accurately. I like it that these teachers explain it so simply.

Jan 10, 12

A teacher is grappling with alternatives to the perennial favorite, Discovery Education Streaming, and reviews Watch Know Learn as a favorite.

Jan 02, 12

What a blast! Show your friends a YouTube video on your iPhone using moment catcher. When you are done, play back their reaction. They don't know it but as you are playing the video, it is filming! This would be great to use with one of those jump out and scare you fright videos on YouTube. What fun.

Jan 02, 12

This TED video talks about what we learn becore we are born. Expectant parents listen up.

Dec 15, 11

Ted live subscription for your school? You can get a virtual seat at TED talks (it includes a Kindle fire - no one is sure why.) This is a great overview from Edudemic.

Dec 12, 11

If you use Google apps for education you now have access to YouTube for schools. This strips out comments and related videos. While not all videos are ported over, this is a solution for those overly restricted schools.

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