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Apr 24, 08

Business people and management should read this article about the transformation of business by using workplace communities.

"Workplace communities are designed to solve workplace-related challenges" -- they focus on tasks. I would find it interesting to see a business REALLY use technology to change things.

Having the business in a business network (OK a NING) and let people tag their posts with the business related PROBLEMS they are having and blog, video, or photograph it-- the tag cloud would tell the business IMMEDIATELY what the problems are in the company.

The problem with this model is that there are few corporate executives who REALLY want to know the problems within their organizations. They don't want to be problem solvers, just opportunity creators.

However, when managers open their eyes (and I'm a former General Manager myself) and see that two things give business opportunity: problem solving and innovation. And they are directly related. True innovation solves problems.

Read this article and think about how you may solve problems using the networks you may now create. If you don't want everyone to know, keep it private and only allow people in your company in.

  • What has not changed significantly, however, is the nature of human interactions in business – email, conference calls, and presentations by experts to non-experts are still the dominant means of interaction
  • the Internet has morphed from a presentation medium to an interactive platform in just a few years
  • a leading web analysis site

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Apr 24, 08

This is a website where tv enthusiasts are sharing videos and collaborating. This is an example of how television and all of our entertainment is evolving to become more customized.

In addition to creating personal learning networks, we will also be creating personal entertainment networks (PEN's) -- all via this amazing thing we call RSS. Understanding RSS is not only important for learning but just living your life.

User created content is here to stay.

Apr 17, 08

This site claims to be the largest student arts gallery on the web! Looks fascinating. Not sure how they use first names and locations and get away with it. I'd like to know what those who have used it think about it.

Apr 16, 08

Response of many flickr users to the addition of video to flickr. This is going to be a very interesting thing to watch. Should a company focus, or should it be everything to everyone? I think that somehow flickr may miss the point... there are subgroups of people who want to use technologies in a focused way without everyone else. IN some ways, self selection makes the product more usable to a niche. Now, photobugs may have to go somewhere else or tolerate the "moving pictures" that they so hate.

Apr 15, 08

This is an excellent article that has been reposted. It includes a lot of the information that outlines WHAT web 2.0 is. This includes videos and many important hyperlinks. Excellent article for newcomers to web 2.0 to pick up on.

Apr 11, 08

I'm reading some great posts from students about the keynote. This one in particular was very captivating.

In the digital age, we do not have to strike in front of the White House. We effect change by telling the world the truth from the comfort of our own homes using the Internet with facebook, myspace, blogger, and so much more."

  • I agree that in the upcoming generation, my generation, we control our screen instead of watching it as our parents did.
  • Collaboration is not just a word in the dictionary that we have to recite to a chalkboard. It’s something that we have become accustomed to; it is as natural to us as breathing.
  • In the digital age, we do not have to strike in front of the White House. We effect change by telling the world the truth from the comfort of our own homes using the Internet with facebook, myspace, blogger, and so much more.
Apr 10, 08

This short insightful article from Alan Levine with the new media consortium explains wikis beautifully. I love it!

  • ‘No one has “forgotten” or “left out” anything. You just haven’t added it yet.’
  • Sure its messy, its not perfect alpha order, it does not contain “everything” (like there is a central authority who knows everything about every twitter user), but it has/will have a lot of value because its “collective” input.
Apr 06, 08

Some backlash against e-mail is beginning to be seen as people realize that the inundations of e-mail is leaving to innefficiency. (This is also true for educational organizations -- too much productivity is being lost in email when we should be creating those reports using wikis and reflecting using blogs.)

This lets one see how businesses are realizing that moving from e-mail collaboration to global collaboration using blogs and wikis may just be more efficient - -there are some new studies showing this as well.

Apr 06, 08

When one sees cartoons popping up like this, one can tell that blogging is becoming an issue that companies are grappling with. Many do not understand the "mystery" of blogs and how to drive traffic.

Apr 06, 08

Language and poetry are evolving as this hyperlinked poem shows.

Apr 06, 08

This lets you create an account to make ipod tutorials. This is free and there are several educational videos already there including this mogo on how to use mogo from the 18th ITSC 07 (Innovative Technology Schools Conference).

Education is moving to ipods and cell phones -- it is the next major progression. Perhaps 1:1 ipod projects are next?

Apr 05, 08

I likethis graphic from Darren about the traditional classroom. I would tweak it a bit but wanted to preserve this, particularly for the students examining the impact of connecting people and usercontent on the classroom with the horizon project.

Apr 05, 08

I just asked for an invitation to aviary -- a suite of web based applications for images, typography, music, 3d images, video, and all types of artists. Fascinating site.

Apr 05, 08

This mathematicious video took a long time to make. I love it! Math teachers will love this.

This is something for the horizon project student to review. This is Funny but it is an example of how videos can be made on any topic -- a math teacher could have students see how many of these terms they recognize.

Apr 04, 08

This is a great way to emped all types of documents directly into a blog post -- I'l be teseting this on my blog. This is very cool and is yet another way that people are sharing content. It is less about WHAT is being shared and more just about the fact that we can share it.

  • You can share and display any document (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) in your own blog or on any website where you can add embeded codes with the docstoc flash player.
Apr 01, 08

Open source now has a new meaning -- the traditional term has meant "open source software" but now, increasingly it is meaning "open source information" -- as US spy agencies are talking about the use of more open source information, or information taken from openly available and free sources on the Internet.

As we teach new terminology and how to understand the words that make our world meaningful, it is increasingly important to teach students to watch and understand the evolution of language. This is an excellent case study.

This is also an important term and article to be reviewed by students involved in the Horizon project that are analyzing government trends and our changing world.

  • Now, however, the President's Daily Brief and other crucial intelligence reports often rely less on secrets from risky espionage missions than on material that's available to just about anyone.
  • Such material is known as "open-source intelligence" or, in the acronym-laden parlance of the 16 federal agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community, OSINT. The explosion of information available via the Internet and other public sources has pushed the collection and analysis of that material to the top of the official priority list in the spy world, intelligence officials say.
  • Federal commissions repeatedly have criticized the intelligence community for not moving more quickly and aggressively to exploit open-source information.

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Apr 01, 08

This is an excellent article in education week discussing the copyright issues and how it is causing problems in schools with digital storytelling and video making as part of their work. Some recent court decision strike fear in the heart of teachers.

  • When teachers in a suburban-Philadelphia school district heard about the music industry’s legal victory requiring a single mother from Minnesota to pay more than $220,000 for sharing 24 songs online, the news seemed to confirm their worst suspicion: It isn’t safe to use digital media as a teaching tool.
Mar 30, 08

I find this fascinating that diigo has made the "top twitter" cloud. There are certainly a lot of people following it. They are very responsive and have done a great job. They deserve it.

As Horizon looks at collaboration and mashups, Diigo is something that the students will want to look at, both as a service AND at the way it has spread like wildfire, through basically "word of tweet."

Mar 28, 08

This incredible chart says it all about the importance of wiki collaboration. This should also be a message to bloated bureaucracies looking to squeeze that last bit of efficiency out of already overworked staff. This is an important chart for horizon project students to include, I believe.

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