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Nov 30, 13

This post of mine has started being reshared again. It helps you see how you can use wordclouds with just about anything (including surveys.) A Quick tutorial.

Dec 06, 12

MIguel Guhlin's evernote tutorials page about how to get started using Evernote in the classroom. He's another great resource.

Oct 01, 12

Some teachers are using Popplet with their students. Here's a tutorial by one of our Flat Classroom teachers.

Jan 03, 12

A great guide to Diigo for teachers and to use to help students. Diigo is one of myntop tools for blogging, bookmarking, and life. great tutorial.

Oct 13, 11

Great video made by Flat Classroom teacher, Brian McLaughlin for our Flat Classroom project. This is teachersourcing at its best. We all work together and help all of our students move forward. Such a phenomenal community of teachers. Great video for reviewing. The techniques used here are a bit different than typical wikis because we have 70-100 kids editing each wiki page.

Sep 19, 09

Tutorial of how to screencast with Quicktime X. Been hearing a lot of people on twitter going crazy over Quicktime X.

Jun 07, 09

Great information on Google Sketchup and a tutorial about how it can be used from the ICT guy as part of their 1 to 1 netbook project.

Feb 19, 09

My students on the "jing strand" of digiteen are doing a very nice job teaching others how to do things in OpenSim (works the same in Second Life) - in this tutorial, you learn how to make landmarks.

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