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Oct 02, 15

Flaming Text is an awesome site for incredible text. I create text here and use a transparent background and then pull it into PowerPoints, Office Mix, and even movies.

Jun 24, 14

A website that teaches history as kids play an interactive video game. It is designed for kids as young as 4 and up to guide them through museums, churches and historical sites of significance.

Dec 20, 11

While perusing Larry's back posts, I came across very cool website that lets you animate with stick figures. Definitely one I'm taking back to my students over break.

Dec 05, 11

Some of use the fakebook tool at but if you need to be offline, this is a template to make a Facebook page for a famous character. It is a .doc (Microsoft Word) file and you can download it and use it for your activity. These are great for looking at famous characters and students enjoy them.

Nov 07, 11

The well known site with a lot of tutorial videos. The math videos are particularly useful. Students should now how to tutor themselves by finding reputable sources of information where they can get tutoring.

Nov 07, 11

A very simple place to blog. All it takes is an email. Just email to posterous and it automatically creates your blog.

Nov 06, 11

Google docs is a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software of choice in the cloud for many that need to be collaborative. But perhaps the most useful thing to me is google forms which let students make the form and put it out on the web for others to answer. Then, examining results is as simple as pasting into a word cloud maker.

Oct 29, 11

College prof Judy Arzt from Connecticut writes about the usefulness of live binders. I like her simple 2 paragraph explanation of what it is. I find her simple language easy to understand and think that we need more edtech college profs to create blogs like this to share with their students. Nice blog. She is @JudyArtz on Twitter.

Jun 27, 11

This was named at ISTE 2011 on Monday.There are some great livebinders here.

Jun 19, 11

Take notes out of evernote and put them into a flashcard maker. Although the best student notetaking software, I believe, is and continues to be One NOte - the incredible apps and evernote trunk are attracting students because of how they help them study.

The link up can happen and you can use studyblue to help you study on any type of device. I know this is memorization and "lower order" thinking but it is still a fact that it is part of learning today.

Apr 15, 11

Website that creates printer-friendly copies of articles. (Hat tip Free Tech for Teachers)

Jul 17, 10

Just learned about a new tool - I know NOTHING about it, only that it seems to have a watered-down NIng-like environment and cynthia invited me to join. I'll let you know after I play with it what I think.

Apr 23, 10

These are some very cool greasemonkey scripts that let you mash up and change everything around for popular sites from gmail to flickr to google image search and Twitter.

Mar 18, 10

So, I'm finally testing Google sketchup! They have some cool competitions for modeling your town and some examples on this website and also a link for educators to download the pro version of sketchup.

Feb 11, 10

This is a fascinating tutorial about Web 2.0 tools using "jog the web" it is interesting how this is set up and is a take on a webquest, but the use of frames is really cool. Nice thing to share with beginners or anyone wanting to learn more about these tools.

Feb 05, 10

Presentation covering 16 cool ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom.

Feb 05, 10

Online noticeboard maker or just a way to wish someone well who may be feeling sick -- wallwisher.

Sep 20, 09

Information on the new Digg toolbar - just put in front of any URL or the diggbar bookmarklet mentioned in this post.

I really only report my super "hot" thoughts on digg but it is a cool tool that I've integrated w/ facebook.

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