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Jan 23, 10

Lovely review of three of the top time management systems. I too, use elements of each of them!

Aug 15, 09

Make a custom chore chart for your kids. I love the FlyLady routines (from the book Sink Reflections) for keeping the house clean and having the kids with routines is important. I used this for my 8 year old's routines and put it in a sheet protector to be wiped off at the end of each week.

Aug 07, 09

IF you want to sync multiple calendars, this is the second step of doing that - you have to use the native safari web browser and navigate to the mobile apps piece to select the appropriate calendars. Change it as often as you like (I do!)

Aug 07, 09

One of the most important things you can do to synchronize your family is share calendars. We do this on our itouches (which we all have now!) So, here are the instructions for doing that.

Mar 18, 09

Oh my goodness! Now, I can make a task in remember the milk when I star something in Gmail!!! Oh my goodness, what a help!!

Mar 18, 09

OK, This came from gregorielouie on Twitter -- and OH YEAH Gregory - YOU ROCK!

This helps your inbox become more powerful. Am testing now and if you follow getting things done, it is a great tool to try.

Mar 03, 09

Free productivity tool - looks a lot like Remember the Milk to me. Not sure if I'm going to swap but would love to hear from people who like it

Mar 03, 09

Website recommended by Bob Sprankle for keeping up with the 5 things you accomplished today - see his blog post (also linked here) for how he uses it.

Mar 03, 09

Bob Sprankle is just one of my all time favorite people. He loves kids and gives all he has to teaching, but he has a GREAT voice for podcasts and also writes so well. Here is a write up of the list programs Bob uses and I'd not heard of any of them! I use Remember the milk and love it but have to just take a look at it.

Sep 13, 08

Remember the Milk has very powerful ways to share lists. We spent some time setting up our list for Flat Classroom, Digiteen, and the conference in remember the milk. If you have a virtual team, I highly suggest that you set up a list. There are many services, but this is my favorite. Go through this and click next - this is how we did it.

Aug 23, 08

Tips from Life hacker on how to use Remember the MIlk with Twitter. If I don't renew Jott, I may have to just brush up on the twitter interface for RTM.

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