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Feb 14, 12

So, if you want to delete only the attachment to an email in gmail, the only way to do this is in Thunderbird. This is unfortunate as there are many times I wish I could have the email but delete the message itself. Here is how if you  have to.

Here is a solution for deleting email attachments in Gmail without deleting the message itself. 

This is a better way then forwarding the message to yourself because you actually save the original message and timestamps, but with attachments removed.  This solution gets the results you want, albeit a little time consuming.  The basic idea is access your gmail account as an IMAP account using Thunderbird, and then use Thunderbird’s feature for deleting attachments.  You just need to make sure messages are first moved to a local folder, then moved back to an imap folder.

- Determine messages in Gmail that need an attachment removed.
- Access these messages in Thunderbird via IMAP access.  To make this easier, in the Gmail web interface you can create a new label such as "delete-attachments" for these messages.
-Select messages in TB and "Copy To" a local folder.  This will download a copy of the message and attachment(s) to your local drive.
-Then, using the Gmail web interface, delete the messages permanently.
-Return to Thunderbird and access the messages stored in the local folder. 
-Delete the attachments in the locally-stored messages individually. 
-Finally select the messages and use the "Move To" command and select a label within Gmail to move the message.  This will copy the messages back to Gmail without the attachment and upload the message to Gmail servers with original time stamps. 

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