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May 06, 13

"In its first television foray, TED has joined forces with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the New York public broadcaster WNET for a one-hour special, “TED Talks Education,” to be broadcast on PBS on Tuesday. If it is successful, the program could become a template for future joint projects, said Juliet Blake, one of the show’s executive producers and the TED official charged with bringing the conferences to television."

Jan 09, 13

For those of you who love the Hulu app (like I do), a whole spate of executives are leaving the organization. Just keep an eye on it. Many of us are not using cable tv as much with services like Apple TV, Amazon, Neflix, iTunes, and Roku boxes serving up our tv via high speed internet.

Apr 07, 12

The UK is looking to lock down children's access to raunchy music videos with similar blocking platforms as are used to keep children out of gambling sites. I have to admit the content on Youtube is often surprising as well as the fact I can get it on my TV via ROku box without any sort of rating system. I think we'll see a reconciliation between online video and regular "television" continue to converge with the free for all Internet world changing in the next few years.

From the Telegraph...
"It is understood the Prime Minister is considering new rules that would oblige websites hosting such videos to introduce robust age verification systems similar to those used to safeguard children online gambling.
Music videos are currently exempt from classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984 and 2010, which means that – unlike films – there are no restrictions on children buying any but the most graphic music videos.
There are currently no legal restrictions on children downloading music videos of any kind.
The Prime Minister is understood to be “disappointed” with the music video industry’s response to a Government report that warned of the greater “sexualisation of childhood”. The study highlighted the corrupting influence of such short films.

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