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Mar 24, 08 Created by Russel Tarr a Teacher from France Created by Russel Tarr a Teacher from France

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) May 16, 20…

Jan 22, 15

You can self publish a textbook using Amazon Kindle Direct. Very interesting.

Nov 13, 14

A mentored PD program helping teachers learn to teach code.

Jul 20, 14

Displaying objectives is an important part of teaching students. How do you display your learning objectives.

Apr 21, 14

Excellent checklist for inclusive teaching from Sheryl Burgstahler.

Apr 08, 14

When you're afraid of speaking, there are things that happen. I enjoy reading about the science behind stage fright.

Mar 28, 14

There's a $1 million teacher prize being given away this next year. You have until August 31, 2014 to nominate a teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

Feb 05, 14

CO14 is happening this weekend and so many great people are presenting. It runs from February 7-9 and is free. My session is sharing how writing has been reinvented as I share the 9 tools that have changed how we teach forever (a sneak preview of my book coming out in May.) If you teach writing, work with curriculum or teach, feel free to join in. The session is at 8 am EST on Saturday morning, February 8. Anyone can join.

Lots of amazing presenters are speaking so check it out.

Feb 04, 14

I don't know that I'd market "brain breaks" as a way to get "classroom control" but I guess that is what some teachers want. I am fascinated by how Brain Breaks are trending on Twitter as many teachers are using them so I guess I"m going to sign up for Go Noodle and see what the fuss is about. Any of you using this tool/ website?

Dec 16, 13

Great advice from Nicholas Provenzano about failure:

"What I am not saying is that teachers should leave students on their own to figure everything out and sit back and watch them fail on exams or essays. Teachers still need to guide their students and let them explore learning, but you have to let them try new things and learn through trial and error. The error part is the thing people are starting to forget. In the rush to get through content, it's easier to give students the answers instead of letting them discover them on their own through hard work. 

As you work in your class this year, try to take a step back when a student fails the first time. Assure them they can come up with the right answer on their own if they try a couple of times. Offer them strategies on how to approach problems in different ways to get new outcomes. "

Dec 11, 13

Some great tools for simple quizzes but remember this -- if they only thing you use technology for is to give a quiz - you are totally missing the point. Totally.

Dec 10, 13

YouTube stream from VSTE including this presentation I did on Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction.

Dec 05, 13

Fakebook is an awesome tool from to use to have students create pages about just about any person in history, literature, or pop culture. Here's the gallery of many of the current people to see how this works. The link is at the top to make your own.

Dec 03, 13

Tutorials to teach students of all ages about computational thinking and coding.

Dec 02, 13

TEacher Alfonso Gonzalez @educatoral is Using World of Warcraft in eight grade science. He's transparently sharing what they are doing and how they're doing it. I'm following what he's doing and many others are as well. I'm fascinated to see how he'll doing but if he's following Peggy Sheehy - she is the one who really knows how to use WOW with almost any subject.

Dec 02, 13

Nice post by Margaret Regan on Edutopia's blog with 3 Strategies to promote independent thinking. With some practical examples and use of a word I haven't heard -- "autotelic" or those happiest when absorbed in complex activities. That would describe many of us coder types. Great post.

Dec 02, 13

The Taboo show talks about things that are hard to discuss. The most recent show talks about how to teach with a broken heart. I know I've been broken hearted enough to quit at least twice in my short 12 year career and most teachers I know have been there. This is an important topic with lots of great discussion from one teacher who is there and some who've been there. If this is you, take a listen and I hope this helps.

"Even the best teachers feel disillusioned about teaching at times. However, some are brokenhearted and dispirited about what teaching has become, yet continue teaching because they have limited alternatives. Is there a solution?
@coolcatteacher, @bamradionetwork"

Dec 02, 13

A pinterest board to inspire educators of the best of quotes and inspiration. We become what we think so fill your mind with great thoughts. This is a wonderful board to follow from Edutopia.

Dec 02, 13

Gamestar Mechanic has a great learning guide to help students with programming.

Dec 01, 13

Mia MacMeekin makes amazing infographics and so much more. She's worth following on Twitter and you definitely want to add her to your RSS Reader -- she's been making infographics for a while and some of her recent ones are awesome (and some older ones - admittedly, I need to go through all of them.) Thought you'd want to know about her to follow her - she's @MiaMacMeekin on Twitter.

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