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22 Jan 14

I could watch teachers get awards all day long - watch this music teacher, Penny McLemore, music teacher at Meridian High School win & be wise - I can just see on her face a lifetime of sacrifice and shock to be noticed. And that, my friends is the nobility of teachers. They do it because they love the kids. When they get noticed it is so wonderful but nothing is more wonderful than the legacy written on the lives and hearts of thousands of faces when the music of your life resonates with your students. Congratulations Penny McLemore and Principal Victor Hubbard who nominated her.

09 Sep 13

This September 17, Wolfram Alpha has a Virtual Learning Education Conference. I suggest that math teachers everywhere should take advantage of this free conference. They have 2 tracks - one where you learn how to use their technologies in the classroom and the other is emerging methods of using it in STEM education. All of this is online and free.

28 Aug 12

You can create drawings, charts, diagrams, etc. and embed them in other places. 

03 Apr 12

Google+ Circles Educators Should Know About #sschat #edchat #flatclass #teachers #edcampss

16 Mar 12

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator: #lessonplan #teachers

09 Mar 12

Nice step-by-step guide to Audacity for #teachers who want to get into audio editing. via @tesict

16 Feb 12

This is my kind of board. It talks about the world's greatest and most famous teachers including many in movies and some you may not have thought of. (Yes, I'm exploring and learning about pinterest.)

12 Feb 12

#Netbadges awarded @coolcatteacher a Bronze Netbadge for tweeting about #teachers. See the other winners:

31 Jan 12

I highly recommend the USA Forum for Microsoft. It is a great opportunity to showcase what you've done. They do a great job with it! I served as a judge last year. Wonderful program and their rubric is excellence. If you want to spend this summer learning a lot and competing for some very cool prizes, look at apply for this.

31 Jan 12

A great tutorial on how to set up a Twitter account from @mrrobbo . He targeted the information to PE teachers but really, any teacher who wants to start using twitter would benefit from this. If you are a PE teacher, you'll want to follow @ThePEGeekApps to find new apps to use in your health and physical education courses.

07 Jan 12

Interesting overview of a survey that set out to define a good teacher - in the eyes of students. One interesting conclusion... new is not always better. ". The survey indicated that teachers with 10 or more years of experience use methods that inspire students to learn, sometimes better than a younger, newer teacher might."

04 Jan 12

Too much clutter. Join the Clutterfat challenge from Leo Babatua. If you're a productivity type person like I am, you'll get a lot out of Leo. Why not take this challenge for your classroom? 

03 Jan 12

A great guide to Diigo for teachers and to use to help students. Diigo is one of myntop tools for blogging, bookmarking, and life. great tutorial.

31 Dec 11

Here is the support wiki where teachers add their names and links to their blogs. How refreshing to see a school district helping teachers move into blogging. Not sure how some of them felt about their full names being on here, but I think this is great. 

29 Dec 11

Great announcement about the winners of Microsoft's Global Educator Awards program. As a judge for the US competition, the coding guide is an amazing piece of research-based evaluation of teaching methods that should be shared. Unfortunately, this awards announcement has NO hyperlinks. It always makes me upset when teachers are recognized without Twitter handles, links to their efolios. If we want to disseminate best practice, it should be done using the web. Static press releases, especially for something like this, are a waste of space. now, I have to search for all of these things.

29 Dec 11

A new movie "the American teacher" is coming out and Microsoft is coordinating the community screening of this film based upon the New York Times Best Seller "Teachers Have it Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America's Teachers" produced by Vanessa Roth and narrated by Matt Damon. This website lets you order the DVD or volunteer to host a screening. I cannot find a release date on the site.

I hope it is balanced. Teachers aren't perfect but it is not ok how teachers are being treated. Unfortunately, very few people are talking about just teachers -- it seems to be focused on union vs. anti union at this point in politics with teachers caught in between.

25 Dec 11

CREATE: Virtual tours using Geotrio #sschat #geography #teachers #edtech #edchat

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