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Sep 11, 12

Teacherpreneurship is customizing the classroom. Yvonne Caples, Lisette Casey, Getchen Cherian, and Xavier Espejo-Vadillo wrote a "quad blog" on this topic. This is a slightly different way of "quad blogging" than some of have done where classrooms comment on each other's post, but rather, is a collaboratively written post by four teachers. They've done an excellent job. We'll talk about this in our Flat Classroom certified teacher post. I think the toughest part is whether we can use the word "I" in a quadblog and our certified teachers will wrestle with that tonight in our meeting.

Jan 16, 12

Teacher Karl Schaefer is brave and deviates from a lesson plan that has always worked and has students remix a cartoon for learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I had never heard of Pixton but there are a lot of cartoon makers out there.

"So I took a slight risk and decided to tryout the Pixton for Schools accounts I had purchased as I wanted to try something different. I knew I was onto something when students began to remix the assigned comic and were saying how it was awesome, fun and the best thing they had done."

Sep 29, 11

Article in edweek about innovation (using rap music and Jay-z as the interesting backdrop) and wrapping up with a well needed discussion about teacherpreneurship.

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