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Jan 21, 15

RT @BAMRadioNetwork: Student Privacy: Four Rules to Teach Students Where to Draw the Line @JenTechnology, @coolcatteacher #edchat #teacher

Student Privacy: Four Rules to Teach Students Where to Draw t...
RT @mktgmert: Teaching blogging? Hear @Jentechnology and her 4 (S-friendly) Rules to Teach Ss Where to Draw the Line,

Teaching blogging? Hear @Jentechnology and her 4 (S-friendly) Rules to Teach Ss Wh...
A2: I love @JenTechnology 's 4 rules for teaching privacy and responsibility with online writing #satchatwc

A2: I love @JenTechnology 's 4 rules for teaching privacy and responsibility with online writi…

Feb 08, 14

This has to be the coolest app ever. Create a quiz on Quick Key and then you can print out a bubble sheet. Snap a picture of the quiz with your iphone and it will grade it for you! Wow. Just remember that if all you do is bubble in - you're probably not testing very well. Hat tip to Richard Byrne's Awesome Facebook page for this one! (Free Technology for Teachers)

Jan 26, 14

Nominate your favorite teacher in 100 words or less to send the teacher on a all expenses paid cruise. Nominations due Feb 9. From Denny's and Tom Joyner Foundation.

Nov 30, 13

Awesome gifs and animations that are truly an inspiration and gift to teachers everywhere. I love this post from Buzzfeed about the great teachers. Some ring true and others are just kind of funny, but underneath it all is is how the teacher makes the student FEEL that counts. And you can't count that on a test. Enjoy and share.

Jul 30, 12

The right film and the right moment can create mood and meaning. Today in the Olympics, the swim coach was talking about how he had shown a clip from Saving private Ryan and teammembers took on a different air of brotherhood and working together as a team. Film can be a great motivator and teacher in the classroom when well done. It can also be a boring "beuller" moment if not picked well. I like how this blog post deconstructs the use of video and how it can be used effectively in the classroom. I think it is a great read for all teachers.

May 11, 12

Don't just let school end, but end it well in a way that leaves an imprint on those around you. Here's one of the most popular posts that I've ever written from last year's last week of school. Hoping teachers will read and ponder how to end well. You rock!

Apr 21, 12

A great question developed from an award winning website. You can integrate this into what you may have already been doing around the Titanic. This is a "court case" and can be used to teach about the judicial process and hold a mock trial. I love this idea.

Apr 16, 12

This high school biology teacher is one that you'll want to follow for lesson plans and ideas as you review and work with biology. He is out of the UK but has some very creative ways to review that you could adapt.

Jan 30, 12

The UNICEF day for change in the UK. Here is the description of what they are doing this year: sports for development in Uganda. 

Jan 30, 12

This upcoming Friday is the UNICEF day for change in the UK but what a great idea. I can't find anything on the US website about this activity but it seems to be all over UK websites.  I think that it is a great idea to have some sort of "change day" for children's activities in schools whether it is for UNICEF or another cause. Many students have change in their houses and can do something.

Nov 30, 11

You can get the 12 games of Christmas teaching pack for free for a single user or your whole school. Download it now and keep it to use it every year. The sample teaching pack gives you ideas for how to use the 12 games of Christmas. IF you use the games, you'll want to get this for the lesson plans.

Nov 26, 11

This lesson uses a letter from Santa to provide phonics reinforcement and reading.

Aug 25, 11

Your favorite teacher can win $10k for his/her classroom. Do you know someone great? Take time to nominate.

Apr 30, 11

For those who still print things, this website of teacher printables have a ton of them. Field Trip permission forms, emergency contact forms. Just about every form a teacher could want. You can download and prit whatever you want for free.

Aug 23, 10

This online grade calculator is a handy tool when you absolutely HAVE to grade by hand. Type the number of questions and it creates a grading chart! I like to print these out and put on top of the papers so I can figure when away from my calculator.

Aug 23, 10

A site (now owned by Google) that has a lot of activities you can do with photographs. Teachers will love this!

This looks so very cool and is a way to enhance what you're doing in the classroom with quite a bit of pizzaz and professionalism!

Dec 06, 08

If you are a teacher on twitter, you can "join" this group - which means nothing except your name is added to a list. I like this b/c it helps teachers find other teachers. Wish it let you put a little info but you can look at the twitter id's - I like that it is automated even the excessive ads are a little bothersome, I can live with that -- share your id or make another group.

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