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Jan 10, 13

Review of the $125 "kids tablet" from Polaroid - looks like the people at Engaget think it has a problem with fingerprints. Kids are going to be having tablets, we need to be ready to help them use them for school.

Dec 23, 12

The fact is that Tablets are here, they are useful, and they are proliferating as we speak. Most of my money this Christmas was spent at Amazon and the Apple store. Apps and music are where we spend our money. Two of my kids wanted iphones and the other, an ipad mini. Merry Christmas to Apple - I think many others are like that as well. I've been testing the Kenna tablet from SchoolTube which is a heavy duty droid tablet with slots for just about everything. Tablets are everywhere.

Nov 16, 12

A comparison of tablet devices and mobile devices by Miguel Guhlin. As you evaluate alternatives for your school or personally (for Christmas) you should take the time to review this chart. Share it, Miguel has done a great job.

Jan 03, 12

A sub $100 tablet produced by company in Canada for universities India. (Hat tip Stephen Downes this one)

"Datawind aims to manufacture (in India) 12 million tablets in 2012, with a potential market of over 100 million students in India alone. Orders are now also pouring in from Thailand, Turkey, Sweden and many other countries. It has already manufactured 10,000 test tablets. (The tablet is available for sale only in India at the moment, and it’s hard to get until production ramps up)."

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