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Mar 18, 16

Not Just a Girl

Not Just a Girl

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) March 18, 2016
5 Ways to Help Girls Achieve Their Potential

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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I dropped my end of the heavy battery. Daddy and I needed to “jump off” or start up the irrigation system. I was perhaps …
BLOGGED: Not Just a Girl #education

BLOGGED: Not Just a Girl #education

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) March 18, 2016

Feb 16, 16

Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores

Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores…
How to reach every learner every day from a teacher who is doing it

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Physics can be taught with a total project based learning approach and have high test scores. Teac…
BLOGGED: Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores #education

BLOGGED: Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores #education

— Vicki…
NEW: Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores

NEW: Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) Febru…

Dec 08, 13

If you're looking for free resources for Science,English,Math,and Social Studies to add some interest during December, this page from Discover;y has lots of great things separated by grade level including lesson plans and "learning adventures."

Dec 03, 13

Tutorials to teach students of all ages about computational thinking and coding.

Dec 01, 13

Don't let the title mislead you, but yes, there are many uses of Minecraft in schools.This versatile, compelling but pretty low bandwidth tool gives us so many things Second Life never did - and with it is affordable for most of us. This list is trending on Twitter which just shows how many people are interested (or how many people don't read to know it isn't really 1001 ;-)

You might just find one way to teach coding in your classroom for the Hour of Code coming up.

Nov 25, 13

If you want to understand why STEM jobs are such a big deal, then this NPR interview really helps us understand why so many people are talking about STEM even though it makes up only 7% of the jobs. Read (and share) this NPR interview or download it for a listen as you travel.
"That is, a technical education now allows you to do anything. And anything, for most workers, means having a job that's fairly focused as a STEM worker, but then moving on to management or into a regulatory roll or into a government job. So STEM has become the place where you go if you want to have a lot of alternatives 10 years down the road."

  • Some education experts and policymakers argue that if the U.S. does not boost the number of workers in those jobs, that America will lose its competitive edge as a global innovator. But others say that there is no STEM crisis at all, that this is actually a myth and that colleges should integrate STEM and the humanities into a broader education.
  • You have to remember that STEM makes up only about 7 percent of the jobs in the American economy. On the other hand, we know that anybody who majors in STEM often doesn't stay in STEM. For instance, by the time most STEM majors are 35 years old, they're in management. They leave. They no longer work on the bench in the lab. So we need to produce a lot more STEM workers than we actually use initially because we lose so many of them along the way because their careers are relatively successful.
  • That is, a technical education now allows you to do anything. And anything, for most workers, means having a job that's fairly focused as a STEM worker, but then moving on to management or into a regulatory roll or into a government job. So STEM has become the place where you go if you want to have a lot of alternatives 10 years down the road.
Nov 11, 13

FAscinating promotional tools here. "STEM IN SPORTS" with Magic Johnson, Victor Cruz, Jeff Gordon, and more - whether students like Basketball, Football, Golf, Racing, or more, use these videos and resources to promote your STEM program at your school. This is an important topic for all schools and there are materials here for all uses.

Nov 11, 13

If you need ideas for science careers, this is a great resource. Students could research careers using this information.

Sep 25, 13

Excited to see Discovery work with an incredible nonprofit, Girls Inc to bring STEM to girls. Now THIS Is something with a lot of potential. Girls INc is a great organization that I worked with here in Albany (yes, back in the 90 - has been a while) but I was always impressed with their programs. Excited to watch this develop.

May 09, 13

I'm recording another episode of "Every Classroom matters" interviewing some of the teachers and organizers in the Chicago Early STEM college movement. As I researched for this show, I found this report out of North Carolina reporting an increase in test scores. A county here in Georgia is also implementing Early college stem as well. STEM is something every school needs (listen to the earlier show I recorded w/ Kevin Jarrett) but this is an interesting approach.

"Just two years after it opened, a North Carolina high school has found that teaching students the principles of STEM can boost test scores and keep learners engaged. That’s prompting the school to ask, “If we can do it, why can’t other schools do it, too?”

The school has a mouthful of a name: the Wake NC State University STEM Early College High School. It has attracted many students to its Raleigh campus – first generation-college students, minorities, and students from poor backgrounds – who are underrepresented in STEM fields. But in 2012, students did far better than average on the state’s standardized exams, with more than 95 percent passing."

Apr 23, 13

Photo =gallery from the science fair at the White House. Science teachers should peruse these. I wish every student had to do a science fair project and we'd elevate project based activities to the "status" of doing well on an SAT or other test. I think these require a  lot more higher order thinking and problem solving.

"President Obama hosts the White House Science Fair to celebrate the student winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions from across the country. He met students in the East Garden of the White House, and they explained their science projects and experiments to him.
Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post"

Apr 15, 13

Anatomy arcade is such a great website. I love whack-a-bone for learning the bones in the body. They also have Poke a muscle, and match a brain and a new digestive jigsaw. They have apps now as well with whackabone for the ipad. Great games for learning anatomy - share with your favorite teacher.

Mar 02, 13

This is a call out specifically to my friends out there in the Atlanta area or anywhere in Georgia to put in for a poster session at Georgia Tech's conference about the Foundations for the future. I wish I could get away but am a bit tied up at school right now. Here's the information and link:

"Foundations for the Future (F3), a K-12 outreach and research program at Georgia Tech Research Institute, knows that Georgia teachers are using technology in amazing ways to inspire and engage students. One of the most frequent comments we hear is that it is difficult for educators to know what's working for other educators because there is so much going on, not everyone can afford to attend conferences, and access to technology is inconsistent across the state.

We want to honor and highlight teachers and their projects. What better way to get inspired than through a fellow colleague! What better way to meet other passionate educators and share your experiences! F3 is hosting the 2013 F3 Educator Showcase during our May Explorers Guild meeting. The showcase will include a panel discussion along with a poster session. If you are interested in applying for the poster session, all you need to do is follow the guidelines below. Posters will be chosen by a selection committee of F3 partners and Georgia Tech colleagues. Chosen posters will be printed for participants so that after the event they can take the posters back to their school to continue highlighting the good work taking place there! This event helps support F3’s mission to help acquire and leverage instructional technology resources for Georgia’s classrooms, schools, and districts, share best practices, and establish a community of learners.

We look forward to your submissions and can't wait to see you all at the event in May!
Guidelines for Poster Abstract Submission:
Title: Accurately and concisely present your idea in 15 words or less
Abstract: In 350 words or less, tell us about how using technology has impacted your classroom. Who was the audience? What technology did you use? What approach was taken? etc.
That's it! Nothing to it! It’s time to step up and share your creativity and innovation with your peers from across the state! Once poster abstracts are selected, we will send out notifications so that you can start creating your posters! We will make templates available in Microsoft PowerPoint and in Keynote. We will supply all printed posters, easels, etc. We just need you!"

Mar 02, 13

If you teach forensics, you might be interested in this website with classroom information, course guides, etc. Some in science cover this as well. It is a bit creepy for me, but there are many that are fascinated by this. Some see it as a way to introduce the scientific method and stem.

Feb 25, 13

I love how STEMlab teacher Kevin Jarrett shares what students are learning in his STEMlab. The lab focuses on engineering, science, technology, and math and is such a powerful learning experience. I like this format better than just "technology" lab because it integrates what you're trying to be not just a checklist of point and clicks that will be outdated.

"This post is part of my continuing series of weekly lesson summaries. My goal is to give parents & caregivers in our school community the resources needed to extend student learning at home, and to share my professional practice with teacher colleagues around the world in the hopes of improving my craft."

Dec 13, 12

I was part of a panel recently talking about a topic near to my heart, conservation education. I grew up on a farm and taking good care of the earth has been ingrained in me since I was a child pulling weeds and playing with ladybugs. I was impressed with all of the panelists. Of particular interest to many of you is the math teacher using Common Core and integrating conservation.

"The panelists were:  Dr. Brian Davis, Vice President of Education and Training  of the Georgia Aquarium;  Daniel Strauss, Nature Conservancy LEAF program; Colleen Ryan, Keystone Center Participant and 8th grade math teacher; Vicki Davis, technology teacher for grades 8-12 , editor of Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and co-founder of the Flat Classroom Project;  and Teresa Walsh , Public Affairs Manager for Georgia-Pacific’s Crossett, Arkansas, facility."

Nov 12, 12

Learn to find hashtags for your field. Here are many of them for enviornmental issues.

"Top Eco-Inspired Hashtags

Click each hashtag for their corresponding definitions on our Dictionary.





#climate (#climatechange or #climateaction)




#EcoMonday – Dubbed as the #FollowFriday of environmentalism

#energy (#cleanenergy)

#environment (#econews)

















Nov 12, 12

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is encouraging individuals and community groups in New York City to apply for grants that will allow citizen scientists to collect information on air and water pollution in their communities and seek solutions to environmental and public health problems. The EPA will award a total of $125,000 for five to 10 New York City projects related to air or water pollution."

Nov 12, 12

Some incredible citizen science projects that make a difference when there are natural disasters. Scientific American has been cataloging a lot of great projects including Volunteer Field Observer Programs for the spill in the Gulf, a Redwood Watch program to monitor redwoods, and earthquake monitoring and more. This page includes energy and sustainability project. I think every science class should have citizen science as part of their curriculum to add meaning and improve our world.

Oct 23, 12

Take your students to the ARCTIC -- starting on October 24. Hat tip to Richard Byrne - head over to his blog to see what Discovery and Polar Bears have in store for you THIS WEEK.

"Discovery Education and Polar Bears International have teamed up to offer some fantastic virtual field trips starting later this wee

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