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Feb 16, 13

Discovery Education has a set of resources covering this topic that will have some things you can use as part of Black History Month including teacher tips and resources.

Feb 07, 13

The history channel has printable study guides to go along with their content including Beowulf, Odysseus, World history, Civics, Geography, and more. 

Jan 29, 13

February is approaching and Edutopia has a list of tools that you can use.

Oct 29, 12

As you look at interesting information about Sandy, this is an excellent opportunity to talk with students about all of the interactive ways to follow stories. Start with this article from Poynter about the creative ways journalists are covering the story including official stories. You can embed some of these on your own website or have them use the embed code and do it themselves. They could build a hurricane information portal and learn a lot about HTML on a topic that interests all of them. Meanwhile as we watch from afar, our hearts go out to those in this storm - I've been there and it is scary.

Oct 17, 12

After ever debate, even though I have a computer class, we use word clouds to discuss the debate results and deconstruct what happened. We discuss important words missing, etc. and also look at social media. This is a great context for discussion - I just tell students, however, that our job is to deconstruct and analyze not to debate who is our "favorite" and why.

Oct 06, 12

"The Library of Congress, in collaboration with the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and the Government Printing Office (GPO), today unveiled, a new public beta site for accessing free, fact-based legislative information. features platform mobility, comprehensive information retrieval and user-friendly presentation., at, eventually will replace the public THOMAS system and the congressional Legislative Information System (LIS)."

Sep 14, 12

Constitution Day is September 17. Discuss the US Constitution and the democracy in the US constitution. Here are some excellent lesson plans including one I like called "design a constitution" that helps you see the "different types of democracy and sovereignty evident in the US political system." You could also do a play on the word constitution and have a "build your constitution" day with some good old American hamburgers and hot dogs while you study the constitution. ;-)

Aug 20, 12

This is a set of 12 lessons about what it was like for children to live in the second world war. I love this set of lessons because it builds empathy and helps teach the story of world war 2 from a child's perspective.

Jul 17, 12

High school US history topics separated by topic and grade level. There are some interesting simulations included in this list of resources.

Jul 17, 12

Social studies lessons for high school relating to world history and aligned with common core standards.

Jun 09, 12

June 28 is the anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1. As you discuss this topic, here are some activitiesa and lessons to help you. There are some "causes" activities to introduce World War 1 that may interest some social studies teachers.

May 14, 12

Here is a set of lesson plans for all grade levels on the European Union. It is created by the EU specifically for those outside the EU to "bring an updated view of the 21st century EU" and should be reviewed as you update your lessons and standards. It has kindergarten all the way up and has standards that are aligned already.

May 14, 12

The woodmen of the world had a "if I were president" competition sometime back, but I think since this is an election year, it is time to bring back some sort of competition like this to our students. You can see the recording of this student's speech on this news media page.This might be a great activity for the fall or even as a summer assignment to begin researching and writing speeches.

May 01, 12

If you want to teach about the Olympics, the TES forum out of the UK is where the great content is being uploaded daily. There are two activities of note, one is Olympic Games: Now and then and another is about Greek Ideas and what has been passed down. Many interesting lessons by grade level.

Apr 24, 12

Topical studies are great. The London Marathon just happened and  marathons are increasing in popularity here in the United states. Here is a video about the marathon, but also lesson plans about the Battle of Marathon, information on training to improve fitness and just what it takes physically to train for a marathon. Health and history lessons here.

Apr 19, 12

I have to bookmark this site just for me. This Steampunk emporium has such great period clothing (had to buy some for a project for my child) that I just had to bookmark and share it. It took a good 30 minutes of searching before I found it. Great costumes and cool things to use if you're talking pioneer or early 1900's.

Apr 12, 12

Indexed list of highly rated lesson plans at all age levels by the curators at TES for studying about teh events of the Titanic along with articles and videos.
The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is April 15. If you are planning to teach around it, you might want...

Apr 12, 12

This is a lesson plan for younger students (grades 1-4) for discussing World War 2. There are lesson plans here. One is "how has life in britain changed since 1948" which could be used for any age in the US because often our documents focus on a US centric view. The other is "what was it like for children in world War 2" which is a fascinating way to approach this with any children. 

Apr 12, 12

With the titanic lesson plans and activities many of you are doing (I've shared these recently) here is a lesson plan to introduce grades 4 and 5 to World War 2 including a Powerpoint that you can use.

Apr 09, 12

Using the Simpson's teach about bias and history in this middle school activity that includes interactive whiteboard resources, movies, and a handout.

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