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Apr 12, 13

If you have to order tshirts or come up with theme ideas, I love this website. It has more than sports slogans but slogans for just about anything. People vote them up. Very cool site for organizers of anything and principals. Enjoy!

Oct 23, 12

So many have been talking about lack of sleep. Well, now maybe the coaches will get involved. With an increased likeliness of sports-related injuries with less than 8 hours of sleep a night, getting a good night sleep is good for kids in so many ways. While you're at it -- charge the cell phone in the kitchen. It is sad to say that often many parents won't take action based on academics, even though the proof is there that less sleep harms academic performance, now that there are other impacts of lack of sleep, maybe there is enough involved to get the attention of parents and everyone involved in the lives of children. Sleep is important. You'll want to share this with your staff.

"New research suggests sleeping less than eight hours a night is associated with a more than 30 percent injury risk among teen athletes.

Investigators asked middle and high school athletes (grades 7 to 12) to answer questions about the number of sports they played and the time they committed to athletics (at school and through other programs), whether they used a private coach, whether they participated in strength training, how much sleep they got on average each night, and how much they subjectively enjoyed their athletic participation."

Jun 13, 12

The tour de france begins June 30 and ends July 22 and is a fascinating way to study france. Here is the official website in English with a map of where the tour stops. A lovely geography lesson.

Jun 13, 12

The Tour de France is July 22. While many northern hemisphere schools are out, there are still many who are going to school. Events of common interest, like the tour de france, give great learning experiences for students. If you teach French, this is a must discuss topic.

Jun 10, 12

For those using Euro 2012 (as I blogged about yesterday) as a teachable event for global competency and literacy or current events, here is some more information about the controversy surrounding Euro 2012. Human rights/ racism -- these are all things that are being discussed around this tournament that sweeps Europe like "March Madness" sweeps the USA in March. Here are some lesson plans and information about this.

Jun 08, 12

Here's the official Euro 2012 website with information on the matches and events as well as hashtags. There is an under 21 area of this site as well. Live match coverage is linked from this page so you can listen and learn.

Jun 08, 12

This is an indexed list of sports by age level in various countries if you choose to pursue discussing sports from various countries during Euro 2012 (or even in preparing for the Olympics in the fall.)

Jun 08, 12

Teams across europe are battling to determine who will be "UEFA Euro 2012" champion. Learn about the flags, cultures, and happening behind this event that is jam packed with potential for teaching about different countries.

Jun 08, 12

If you know you need to talk about global issues but struggle with your students,talking about the 2 faces of football might be a start. Right now there is a controversy in the UK about a player being left out of the England's Euro 2012 team. This video and lesson plans will get you started so you can lead in discussions. It is fascinating for students to learn about the passion people have for their local sports especially when those sports are not as important personally to the student.

Feb 10, 12

This "nerdy" handshake by two Ivy leage basketball players now in the NBA is making rounds. One player opens a book,the other flips imaginary pages, they put on their glasses and put them in their pockets -now ready to play. I like this in many ways. I'm going to study and learn and then put up my glasses and get out there and DO. (My paper or pavement post a few days back.)

Sep 27, 11

NFL teams go with ipads for players instead of paper and playbooks. They like the feature of being able to wipe the ipad if it goes missing (try doing that with a paper playbook.) Cool.

Nov 18, 09

Yes, you can use wikis to organize your sports teams like my friend Brandt Schneider from Seymour High School does on this wiki.

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