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May 30, 12

This activity is for an interactive whiteboard (I believe it uses Smartboard's Notebook program) and is a spelling game based upon the "Draw Something" app that is so popular. It is called "spell something" and could be a fun end of year or review activity when energy is lagging.

Sep 30, 08

This is an INCREDIBLE website that NSharoff ( from New York has shared with me!
Great site!
New games. The big hit is Word-O-Rama, a game show format for vocabulary practice that works great on a big screen or for individual use. The game mixes practice with definitions, usage, antonyms, and synonyms. The other new learning activities are a vocabulary test, a definitions match game, and a parts of speech game. Everyone can use these activities on the site’s hundreds of resource and sample lists. Only premium members can use them on their own lists.

New resources. We have incorporated definitions for forty thousand words. We have written definitions for EACH major usage of a word so some words have many usages. For instance, the word scale has five usages (for a device that weighs, climbing, fish skin, musical, proportion like on a map). We have a sentence, spoken by a human, for each definition illustrating its use. Each use has a part of speech identified with it. And we have added synonyms and antonyms.

Jul 21, 10

Truly, we should focus on the things "spell check won't catch" as these are the things that we'll have to truly be required to REMEMBER.

Aug 14, 09

OK, this breaking news from Spellquizzer 9software for helping with spelling:

"I'm currently offering SpellQuizzer free to any educator who contacts me at so if you know of any other educators who might be interested please let them know. They would need to provide an email address from an educational institution in order for to qualify."

This is from an email from the owner.

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