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Apr 08, 14

When you're afraid of speaking, there are things that happen. I enjoy reading about the science behind stage fright.

Mar 06, 14

Successful TED talks are 60% stories but, as this example shows with Sheryl Sandberg, it can mean being vulnerable and sharing the personal side of yourself.

  • stories make up at least 65% of the content of the most successful TED presentations.
  • Most leaders who make pitches and presentations take the opposite approach, filling their content with mind-numbing and unemotional statistics and data. But as another popular TED speaker, Brené Brown, has noted, “Stories are just data with a soul.”
  • Science has also shown that stories connect us in extraordinary ways. Researchers at Princeton University have found that a remarkable thing happens to your mind when you hear a story. Personal stories actually cause the brains of both storyteller and listener to exhibit what the researchers call “brain to brain coupling.” To put it simply, telling personal stories will put you in sync with your listener.
Apr 13, 13

Excited to be heading to Kendallville, Indiana this summer on June 13 to keynote the second day of the Knight-Time Technology Conference about how to influence change in the 21st century, how to flatten your classroom, how writing is being reinvented and how you can use it in your classroom and differentiating instruction with technology. It will be exciting. If you're interested, this it the link to find out more information.

Nov 26, 12

I found this interview of Chris Anderson an interesting read about the history of TED. It is hard to believe they started with just 6 videos in 2006. The flops, he acknowledges, are those who are full of ego - and I'd agree. I saw a TEDx where at least half were so full of the fact they were on stage, it made listening to the speeches a bit difficult. So, then, I guess humility would be part of a giving a good talk and I, as a rank and file teacher, find that refreshing.

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