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Oct 16, 11

Interesting service that pulls together all of your networks and posts to them. Just remember that Facebook and some other services make posts from third party services to lower priority and they don't go on as many streams.Interesting service.

Jan 20, 11

This older article from Mashable lists lots of free social media tools for teachers. Edublogs is on the list as is Edmodo, TeacherTube and School Tube, but several of the others I've not heard of or used but would love to meet the teachers who are!

Oct 22, 10

This is how movements now happen! Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time has girls not wearing makeup on Tuesdays. T-shirts and, of course, social media, characterize what these girls are doing (and the guys who support them.)

For pundits who think social media is a negative, this is an example of how this generation redefines the world using social networking to spread statements of a generation more quickly than books can be printed.

  • Their message was heard loud and clear. The school-sanctioned club — Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time — quickly grew to 200 members. Boys at the school even formed a support group to encourage the girls.
Mar 24, 08

All students and teachers should join this, our educational network which looks a lot like Facebook. Here are the guidelines:
1) Students may use no more than their first name, last initial unless your teacher lets us know otherwise.
2) Please accurately identify where you're from.
3) Your teacher will create a group for your school - join the group.
4) This site is PUBLICLY viewable, however you have to be approved to join, so please be patient because we check everyone's profiles and will not approve you unless you are appropriately set up.
5) Check with your teacher on appropriate content - we ban first, ask questions later if there are incidents, although we rarely have to do this because our students are AMAZING!

Jun 11, 09

So, this seems to be a growing social network for higher education and shows people registered by college. This is interesting. It looks like it has the ability to network people based on research interests!

Feb 28, 09

Angela Stockman has excellent ponderings and points about the issues of supporting face to face communities with online communities and why many resist such an effort. Great thoughts to consider for those who are working to move towards this.

  • the differences between online and face-to-face communities, the unintended consequences and potential costs of establishing an online community to support our face-to-face community, and the varied levels of comfort and discomfort that fellows have about the notion of sharing their thinking in blog posts and in ning.
  • There are complexities that I haven’t wrestled with around this, of course. I’m really just thinking aloud here right now, in response to some of the valid fears that folks have about adding themselves to the mix online. Trust is a big issue everywhere, it seems. Are there better ways to grow that in our online communities?
Aug 24, 08

Friendfeed scripts for those who love the service (I"m not as much up on it as some) but it integrates twitter and linked in information. For those who like to hack their connections.

Jul 13, 08

Linked in now has groups. I think linked in is important for professionals and doesn't have the "I'm looking for a job" feel of Monster. ISTE has created a group on linked in.

Jul 13, 08

PBS teachersa is adding social networking and bookmarking tools. You can create a personal profile on pbs teachers connect now. This article talks about it.

Still wish we'd call it educational networking or professional networking depending upon what we're doing.

May 31, 08

A social network for first and second graders -- this is free. Cheryl says it is a little bit "clunky" -- access is not so fast, however, it is a growing free tool for very young children.

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