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Jul 03, 13

New guide for parents from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting children online. It says that parents should get a "plain language notice" about information will be collected before they want to use features on an site or download an app that collects their personal information. I'm very curious how this is going to happen since often parents aren't involved in the app installation process for their children. Review the parent guide to understand the current rules.

Jul 03, 13

The revised COPPA act went into effect on July 1, 2013. Take time to read up on and know this act.

It includes mobile devices - geolocation information, photos, videos, and audio recordings. This is going to influence MOBILE PHONES big time as well as app makers. It says they have to have actual knowledge that they are gaining information from kids under 13. What about my under 13 child who has a mobile phone. Verizon knows the age - is this enough to trigger problems. I don't have a smartphone for him but he does have an iPad mini. So many questions here that we'll need to review and understand as part of BYOT programs, etc. The biggest issue is I doubt many app makers are compliant right now.

  • The modified rule, approved by the Commission in December 2012, widens the definition of children’s personal information to include persistent identifiers such as cookies that track a child’s activity online, as well as geolocation information, photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  • It requires that operators of websites or online services that are either directed to children under 13 or have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information from children under 13 give notice to parents and get their verifiable consent before collecting, using, or disclosing such personal information, and keep secure the information they collect from children.
Jul 03, 13

This four part video series about the "Invisible children" is an excellent model for how you can share what you're doing. The design on this page is fantastic as well. This organization creaed #kony2012 as their 10th film. They understand social media mobilization. This is an important cause and also the example of how the story wouldn't be told if it weren't for good storytellers.
We are first and foremost a "social media, storytelling organization" - they think it is fundamentally untrue that you cannot relate to someone halfway around the world.

Feb 24, 13

See your tweets dissected by topic. Here's my twylah page for my Twitter account. You can see common topics and it is organized nicely. I set this up sometime back.

Jan 02, 13

IF you tweet or share a to a lot of apps, this app, Drafts will connect to just about anything. Type it, then decide where to send it, or you can save your most inspirational items to tweet, Facebook, or wherever later. It links with evernote, twitter, facebook,, email, messages, calendars, dropbox, evernote, bufferapp, toodledoo and more (as well as integration.) I'm still learning about all the ways to use this handy tool. The only thing I wish it did is that I could add to it from the web and then see it on my ipad.

Dec 19, 12

"Front & Center with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Photos, videos and stories from our artists. Interviews, articles and links from our staff. A new way to follow the music!"
So many organizations are finding an audience on Tumblr and YouTube. Schools, arts, and more. The stage is no longer the only stage or the most important stage - and websites like tumblr can help struggling nonprofits attract more.

In this series, the artists are talking about how they've created new artistry around the Nutcracker. Very cool.

Dec 07, 12

Google plus has rolled out a "communities" feature that some of us are testing. I've created an open flat classroom community for those who want to talk about flattening the classroom and connecting around the world. Too early to tell you what I think. 

Nov 01, 12

Lots of discussion about how people follow on Twitter. 

My reply to Scott McLeod's post:
"I follow real educators and tend to stay away from foundations and PR junk sites who aren’t real. I like real teachers no matter how many followers they have because I’d like to be able to message them and them message me back. I also like to follow people who are engaging in conversation and have interesting things to say. Sometimes if people don’t follow me back and I know I won’t need to message them or them me, I’ll unfollow and put them on a list instead. "

My list is half happenstance and half just who says something online. 

Oct 29, 12

With so many sharing photos about the storm, here's an excellent article on how to make sure photos are real. This would be a great exercise to do with your students who are in school to talk about the veracity of pictures.

Sep 24, 12

Jure is on the money when talking about social media and influence. Klout, Kred, etc. it really probably doesn't mean much. He points out that someone tweeting 100 times in a day is likely not to influence much of anything. I agree. There are people that I read their every tweet and then there are those that are such a firehose that it is just hit or miss. I'd rather have someone that pots 20 or less times a day at max than a post every few minutes. Can you really curate and check out that much content anyway?

Sep 11, 12

Jure is my go-to person for really understanding social media. I sat down with him at Microsoft four weeks a go and the advice he gave me doubled my Twitter followers each day, while making my life easier. I read everything he writes on the Huffington Post about social media and if you're responsible for getting your school or organization's message "out there," you should too. This is an emerging field as schools work to help their brands in the "marketplace" and while you may recoil at me calling it a marketplace, in five years, when schools are out of business because they didn't understand the competition that is coming through the Internet, you'll clearly see what I'm saying.

Everyone and every organization has a brand. You can manage it or it can be managed for you by your naysayers and fans in a harem, scarem way. I'd rather be proactive and positive in my efforts. Read this article, but here's a quote I think that sums up much of what happens with social media brands online:

"What happens instead is that brands simply place themselves on a social network in an effort to engage potential consumers, and then fail because they are not using a multi-dimensional approach. Instead of connecting and engaging, they go at social media like they strategize advertising -- here's what we want to say and here's how we're going to do it. When it doesn't work, they end up blaming the network instead of acknowledging their role in failing to incorporate object and timing into their plan."

Aug 27, 12

An excellent story about how Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach's daughter, Amber, became part of a viral story. This is an excellent example of how social media influence can allow students to become activists.

Aug 24, 12

With graphics like this, social media has officially hit the mainstream education circuit. Schools are finding that connected teachers are becoming revilatized and reenergized. Look at this poster and think about how it compares to your district's professional development. Even better, email it to someone you know and watch the conversations begin.

Aug 18, 12

I am asking everyone to read this post by my new friend Jure Klepic. This is what we're doing with the #choose2matter campaign. PLEASE read, understand, and watch. I must say that Jure took 5 minutes to answer a few questions for me about social media and helped me profoundly. It is hard to fathom that before he watched Angela's talk that he wondered if he mattered. He's talented, smart, and seems to have the world at his feet. You never know who feels like they don't matter. As a teacher, this is your job - #choose2matter don't just settle to show up. Let's be more and do more for all the Christopher and Jure's out there.

Aug 17, 12

Educational networks are here to stay, but do we really understand them? This grant is a clear sign to me that we don't or that we don't think social media rules apply here.

Jul 17, 12

Wikia is a massively growing website where people create wikis and remix content on video games, entertainment, and lifestyle issues. It is sort of a mix of graphics, wikis, and entertainment and shows how collaborative spaces are reaching every aspect of our lives.

Jul 17, 12

Arlington County is collaborating using Yammer, a type of "social-media-esque" collaborative tool.

Jul 15, 12

This website lets you mashup and create new feeds from existing ones. Take some time to manipulate feeds into smaller ones and you'll be glad you did.

Jul 15, 12

A service that filters feeds for certain keywords. This is a fascinating way to drill down into feeds that have a lot of content but you just want some of it.

Jul 06, 12

Location tagging is providing some great data like this visualization of where the world's tweets come from.

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