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Dec 06, 08

Mr. Tweet will do some homework for you - although I still believe in the randomness and greatness of building a network - I often find people that I thought I was following and wasn't. I don't know how this will work, but am goign to test it out!

Jun 23, 08

Nice post. I think many of us are wanting to push past the cool and trivial and use Web 2.0 to do meaningful, authentic things (imagine how students feel.)

I think a more important question is that "Are students bored with worksheets?" Authentic and network building experiences and learning should become part of what they do. They don't want the trivial any more than we do.

Mar 26, 08

I am extremely impressed with what is happening -- although we're here for technology, now students are talking about literature -- look at the conversation on this page - -it is amazing.

  • I'm writing 2 huge essays on the same book.
     You learned about him a little different then i did tho.
     If you're going to have beatles songs in italics you need to have i am the walrus
     On another note.
  • The way the students are conversing about literature is stunning here. I am very impressed. - Vicki Davis on 2008-03-26
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