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Oct 22, 10

This is how movements now happen! Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time has girls not wearing makeup on Tuesdays. T-shirts and, of course, social media, characterize what these girls are doing (and the guys who support them.)

For pundits who think social media is a negative, this is an example of how this generation redefines the world using social networking to spread statements of a generation more quickly than books can be printed.

  • Their message was heard loud and clear. The school-sanctioned club — Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time — quickly grew to 200 members. Boys at the school even formed a support group to encourage the girls.
Apr 10, 10

Are your studetns ready to become eco-heroes?

Sign up for this.

"The Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are partnering again this year to educate, empower and engage students and teachers nationwide to become "Agents of Change" in improving their communities through the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge. This year the Challenge expands to high school, by inviting students in grades 9-12 to join the effort to meet the environmental challenges of our age. This new phase of the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge kicks off today at an exclusive screening of Discovery Channel's new documentary LIFE at Philadelphia's renowned Franklin Institute in conjunction with the NSTA National Conference."

Oct 20, 09

Teachers have a different standard. It is fascinating to read this newspaper article and also the responses. Our students on Flat Classroom project and Digiteen will be reviewing this information because teachers are held to a higher standard online.

  • And some districts -- from South Dakota to New Jersey -- are starting to limit what teachers can do on the sites.
  • "It is the responsibility of all individuals associated with the Foundation to act in a manner that will ensure the public's trust as well as the trust of colleagues and peers.
  • he has heard that some teachers have "risqué" photos on their accounts, but he hasn't actually seen any.

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Jul 04, 09

"There is a problem with energy literacy" says Chevron CEO, David O'Reilly, in Thomas Friedman's Hot Flat and Crowded - Julie and I are working to incorporate this into our next Flat Classroom mini-conference in Februray and we turned up this energy literacy nonprofit. This is fascinating.

Nov 05, 08

This website had a TON of hits this past month -- in the millions -- 3 people and some spreadsheets did this. (See Tom Hoffman's post for more on it.) I think this is something that the students of the Flat Classroom Project will need to integrate into their work.

Oct 27, 08

Got a link to this wiki from Estie Cuellar, amazing teacher who has joined in Flat Classroom this year. She says:

"I would like to share something with you guys. I teach a Sports Marketing Class. I’m always looking for new and fun ways to reach the kids. Yesterday, I started my class on a comprehensive project that I’m calling, “Rock On.” The goal of the project is for the students teams (all of my classes work in teams) to synthesize what they’ve learned in class so far (they’ve learned the marketing mix, target marketing, positioning, segmenting, and the 7-key functions of marketing) and plan a 20 city tour for their band. I found the project from a “Best Practices” book that Jeff McCauley of The Marketing Teacher compiled from marketing teachers and sent out as a PDF a couple of years ago. I have modified the original project to utilize Web2.0 technologies."

Interesting ideas - wish I could teach marketing!

Oct 27, 08

Interesting article w/ new term "hacktivists" -- politically motivated hackers. That is a new term.

Twitter is written up in this report as being used by extremist groups of all kinds "socialists, human rights groups, communists, vegetarians, anarchists, religious communities, atheists, political enthusiasts, hacktivists and others...."

Why not just say everyone uses twitter? (Well, everyone DOESN"T use twitter but it can mobilize a lot of people in a pretty short time.)

  • xamines the possible ways terrorists could use mobile and Web technologies such as the Global Positioning System, digital maps, and Twitter mashups to plan and execute terrorist attacks.
  • "Potential for Terrorist Use of Twitter,"
  • report details of a recent earthquake in Los Angeles and by activists at the Republican National Convention.

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Oct 23, 08

Excellent article on cyberbullying and an example of a girl who was harrassed online and killed herself. This sort of thing is tragic and we should consider what we think aboutinternet harrassment penalties, particularly against children.

There are mention of several websites including one I'd never heard of called CyberBully Alert.

  • An ex-friend’s mother faces charges in federal court as a result, and Missouri has made Internet harassment a crime.
  • Cyberbullies often commandeer e-mail accounts and social-networking profiles, attacking kids while pretending to be someone they trust, like a best friend. They use cell phones and the Web to spread embarrassing and cruel material, and they can harass their victims well beyond the schoolyard -- even when they're "safe" at home.
  • 85 percent of 5,000 middle-school students surveyed said they had been cyberbullied. Only 5 percent of them said they’d tell someone about it.

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Oct 17, 08

Cool article on twitter tools and plug ins for twitter. These help us see into what can be done with twitter, the cool tool that is really a customized, unique search engine of people.

Oct 17, 08

My Dad has diabetes as did my grandfather. This is a great program and discovery does things right -- please consider letting your students join this great event.

"Discovery Education has launched a program for high school health/science teachers designed to help educate students about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The site includes lesson plans (coming soon), lots of videos and multimedia interactives on digestion, blood glucose and diabetes.

To recognize World Diabetes Day on November 14, all students with Type 1 diabetes are encouraged to create videos to "Shout Out" about diabetes and tell their story. For each video submitted, Novo Nordisk will make a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help fund research leading to a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Plus, each student who submits a video will receive a free Discovery DVD. "

Oct 15, 08

Blog action day is today, October 15th. I let this one creep up on me.!! This is how bloggers unite and talk about important issues related to the world. Poverty is the action issue for this year

Oct 13, 08

Competition for envisioning the future of wireless broadband - what could you do with high speed wireless broadband. This competition carries a prize and a trip to Florida this next February - application due November 1st, so a quick turn around.

My good friend, Louise Maine, shared this with me. It is a great opportunity. Please share it.

Oct 10, 08

One laptop per child is attempting to get small, portable computers in the hands of children in impoverished areas.

  • The mission of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is to empower the children of developing countries to learn   by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child. In order to accomplish our goal, we need   people who believe in what we’re doing and want to help make education for the world’s children a priority,   not a privilege.
Oct 04, 08

I highly recommend that elementary and middle schools at least sign up for a school code for woogi world - this is a great tool suggested by Hoover City schools for teaching digital citizenship. My daughter (my intrepid tester of all kid virtual worlds) loves it and says she thinks it is great for kids.

Oct 03, 08

Interestingly, inconvenient youth is built on the Ning platform. Fascinating use. This video from the blue man group on the environment has been widely viewed around the world. Such videos spark social change -- these are not TV commercials but viral videos that spread from blog to blog and email to email. How information travels has fundamentally changed.

Aug 23, 08

Some students have started this to promote environmentally sound actions. This is run by students and I saw a little profanity on the home page.

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