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Jan 14, 14

Skype unveiled "snap Skype" to snap pictures and send things to people. You have to have Windows 8.1 to use it. Interesting.

Sep 04, 13

If Mystery Skypes are too hard to set up - TRY THIS! The new skype lets you leave Video MESSAGES. So you can Mystery Skype in a whole new way. This is GREAT news and takes much of the complexity out of setting up a mystery skype. While synchronous skyping is always great, if it isn't possible, this works.

Sep 04, 13

If you have older kids and want to Mystery Skype - I'd like to start setting some up - tweet me through this Skype profile or via Twitter. I have students at a variety of times -- 5 classes. ;-) Join in and find others!!!! This is for you. Set a goal of how many mystery skype's you'd like to do in your classes. I'd like to do once a month eventually but for now, if I can just get for each class, I'm going to take it from there.

Sep 04, 13

You can now plan a Mystery Skype by registering on Skype. They've got information on how to do it and a system to help you pair with classes your age. I'm all in this!

Aug 29, 13

Not sure why everyone is 3D. While I do think holograms and virtual presence are likely next, I'm not so sure about the type of 3D that is really an optical illusion. It just seems like an intermediate step to me. What is the purpose of 3D -- to make things seem more real. Honestly, seeing my son's face on facetime is more than enough for me -- if I could just get him to take my calls! ;-)

Apr 24, 13

I had a great conversation with Theresa Allen, IT director in Illinois who has facilitated global connections from Kindergarten through 8th grade. She talks about the "Hello Little world Skypers" project and other projects she does with her students and how you can facilitate change.

Mar 15, 13

Teachers can apply for FREE group video calling to use it in the classroom. Many were moving to Google Hangouts because you can use 10 at a time, but now you can do it on skype if you're an educator. APPLY NOW, while you can.

Apr 17, 12

I love the concept of the "Myster Skype Call" - here are some videos and information on how this works. The concept is that students are skyping with a mystery person and must collaboratively determine where the person they are skyping with is located. This is so much fun and a great way to add authentic learning, problem solving, and many types of knowledge including geography into your classroom. Great concept!

Apr 06, 12

A free Skype tutorial for those getting started. This is a  wonderful entry level communication tool to get started with communicating with classrooms around the world.

Feb 28, 12

I think that giving apes iPads to let them skype other monkeys is over the top. Why not connect retirement homes with their families like my students are doing with their Skype project? This is a bit over the top.

Jan 10, 12

Here are projects from Skype in the classroom. Posted by teachers. A lot of teachers are looking for people to Skype with. There should be a better way, but kudos to Skype for doing this.

Jan 10, 12

Skype in the classroom has lists of projects that you can do with Skype. This is very innovative. Here is one using the Amy's Travel's multicultural children's book.

Jun 13, 11

A "Skype Feud" where students answered questions against students in another classroom via Skype. What an exciting activity for students!

Sep 05, 08

This is becoming my Skype phone of choice! I'm really enjoying this little tool! I'll share more about it later but for now, am enjoying testing it!

May 31, 08

International callers you can sign up for unlimited calls to landlines in 34 countries for like 6.95 a month (not us funds -- look at it for translation.) If you call other countries a lot, this is worth taking a look.

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