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Aug 27, 13

Once you set up Skydrive on Windows 8, you'll want to active Skydrive on if you're using it for automation (I've written about this very cool app before.) It has many cool things that you can do (many like you can do with dropbox.) I'm using Skydrive for some things with school.

Dec 29, 11

A comparison of Skydrive and iCloud side by side. There's Google apps, Skydrive, and iCloud as the big three of online cloud-based word processing and since we do so much writing in schools, it is likely that your school would select one of the three. If you haven't selected any, then you have a big problem unless you've got a masterful way of syncing locally. This is how we work in the 21st century and it is time to get with the program.

  • Microsoft gives all SkyDrive users 25GB of free storage space. That’s a whole lot of bang for absolutely no bucks.
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