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Sep 14, 12

"Register for Share My Lesson before Oct. 31 and you could pay off $5,000* of your student loans."

Now this is the kind of contest many of you teachers will want to join! Register and join TES. It is free and open to any teacher. A great site to share lessons. That is all!  Tell your friends.

Sep 14, 12

Constitution Day is September 17. Discuss the US Constitution and the democracy in the US constitution. Here are some excellent lesson plans including one I like called "design a constitution" that helps you see the "different types of democracy and sovereignty evident in the US political system." You could also do a play on the word constitution and have a "build your constitution" day with some good old American hamburgers and hot dogs while you study the constitution. ;-)

Aug 21, 12

If you share the most quality lessons on the Share my lesson website, you can win an ipad.

Aug 07, 12

An indexed list of Common Core English Language Arts standards and lessons aligned with those standards. A must-share for grades 6-12 English/ Language Arts teachers using Common Core.

Aug 07, 12

"A murder has been committed! There are 32 suspects; and one of them is guilty. Using your powers of deduction; can you crack each of the five coded clues to reveal the identity of the killer?"

Cool idea.I may adapt this in my own classroom using technology.

Jul 19, 12

This is an example of videos that are uploaded on share my lesson that you can download and use in your classroom. If you don't have access to youtube or streaming, you can go look for videos here like this one.

"In this chapter Ji Li finally starts Jr. High School. The school is about 10 times as big as her former middle school. There she finds out that none of her old class mates are in her new class. She begins to succeed in school again and sheis able to rise to the top of her class; no one knows what her class status. We created this audio/video for our students with special needs (below grade level learners) when they had to read the autobiography Red Scarf Girl. The book details the author's experiences as a teenager during the Cultural Revolution in China."

Jul 08, 12

Sesame Street has taken more than 1000 videos (all for elementary school) and aligned them with Common Core standards on the sharemylesson website. This is a great account for elementary teachers to follow on the site.

Jul 07, 12

I'm testing the share my lesson site, in particular, the friending feature. I've friended some people that I know but was hoping that some of you who are planning to join the site  or are already there would friend me. (If you're doing common core, it is a must join to get free resources and lesson plans aligned to common core.) This is the sister site to the TES site out of the UK that I've been using for some time now and if you have a profile there, just log in with that and accept the terms to move things over. If you uploaded to the TES site, you'll want to move over those resources. Thanks for helping me test it.  Full disclosure, I've been doing work for TES and share my lesson for some time now. As you can tell, I do love what they are doing and their passion to help teachers mobilize and organize their own free content to share with others. the TES site uses the UK system and standards and now they've done the same thing in the US. Thanks for helping me test. (I would also appreciate someone sending me a message to see if that works too and you can message me any feedback and I'll pass it along.)

Jul 04, 12

Middle school math activities. You can drill down to these by topic. There are over 3500 math lesson plans and resources organized by topic. Pass this along to middle school math teachers.

Jun 30, 12

Over 150 lessons about the Olympics. This is a great way to welcome the school year in the northern hemisphere as so many will be engrossed in the Olympics. Peruse these lesson plans from venn diagrams comparing the modern olympics to the ancient olympics to conversation questions or history lessons.

Jun 24, 12

Here is information on Share my lesson - a place where I'm sharing lessons and connecting. All the lessons are free. This is created and co-sponsored by the AFT and TES (out of the UK) but any teacher (like me) can join and share. Disclaimer: I have been doing some work promoting TES resources for the past months - see my blog for full information.

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