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Feb 03, 14

Scholarships for students who are volunteering and making a difference in their community.

Jan 30, 12

The Latin American Street Children's Organization has a math challenge that runs this Friday, February 3rd. Registration is open through January 31st. It is open to classrooms around the world. I find this interesting because the students debate the strategies for solving math problems. This is the largest math competition in Ireland but is spreading to other countries. When you participate, each child donates 1 british pound (convert to dollars for US) to participate. This looks like a fascinating competition and one that math teachers, particularly those who have students with Latin American heritage, may be excited to join.

Jan 30, 12

The UNICEF day for change in the UK. Here is the description of what they are doing this year: sports for development in Uganda. 

Jan 30, 12

This upcoming Friday is the UNICEF day for change in the UK but what a great idea. I can't find anything on the US website about this activity but it seems to be all over UK websites.  I think that it is a great idea to have some sort of "change day" for children's activities in schools whether it is for UNICEF or another cause. Many students have change in their houses and can do something.

Jul 23, 10

If service learning interests you, there are some "standards based" lesson plans for incorporating service learning into all subjects in your class.

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