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Apr 28, 14

Download last pass to add a full level of encryption to your password remembering.

Jan 12, 13

This is a big deal that someone better fix quickly. We are supposed to disable Java - I see many sources saying do it NOW, but in the blended classroom and one where we're using Gradebook systems like PowerSchool that are Java Based and online classrooms like Blackboard Collaborate that are Java based, we literally can't do our jobs without Java. Please, say it isn't so. Get a sick computer or not do your job. This is a problem, but I need to let you know and share this so IT directors can follow this very important issue:

"Hackers could exploit the flaw to install malicious software or malware that could make users vulnerable to identity theft or allow their computers to be exploited by "botnets" that could crash networks or be used to attack web sites.

"Note that applications that use the Internet Explorer web content rendering components, such as Microsoft Office or Windows Desktop Search, may also be used as an attack vector for this vulnerability," the warning adds.

Oct 03, 12

Scareware. Yes, it is a term. Scaring people into thinking they have a virus. Knowledge is power and it will also save you money. Being educated about computers pays over your life. It is time for all of us to be educated and savvy. I know someone taken by this scam.

"English-speaking consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K. were targeted in the global scam, regulators said. Most of the scammers were based in India, but some also came from the U.S. and U.K.
The scam involved cold callers who claimed to work for major technology companies, such as Microsoft or Google, and who told consumers they had viruses on their PCs, according to regulators. The callers would attempt to dupe users into giving them remote access to their computers, locking the user out while attempting to "fix" the malware that the scammer claimed was on the machine."

Sep 05, 12

Most torrent sites like Bit Torrent are logged and your ip address is being tracked.Best advice, don't try to download things for free that aren't supposed to be free. Be wary, wise, and share it with your students.

Sep 01, 12

I recommend moving towards two-factor authentication - a higher level of security. From Gmail to Facebook, take the time to do it now. Here's how in this article.

Aug 06, 12

Tips on how to prepare yourself for a hacker attack such as hit Gizmodo. I strongly wonder how any of these tips could have prevented the problem since the weak link was Apple tech support with the hacker talking Apple into getting them into the iCloud account. It is so nice to hook everything into your iOS except when that iOS is compromised.

Jul 27, 12

This website has daily security tips and is an excellent way to help keep people informed and updated about online safety issues. I'd sign up my whole staff for this one but will at least email it and point it out.

Jun 07, 12

If you're on Linkedin, a serious security breach has those who know recommend that you change your passwords immediately.

I knew something was up when my Dad had 2 invitations from dead people to network with them on Linked in yesterday. He said, "I'm not connecting to ___, I don't really want to connect with him now that he's dead."

Of bigger consequence, many people now use the letters in a website as part of their password, if this is the case for you and your password is exposed, then you may need to change your password everywhere else as a hacker can see your combination. 

This brings us back to simplified methods of saving passwords and saving them so we can remember and use them but we can protect ourselves.

Meanwhile, I recommend everyone on Linked in, log in and change their password. It just makes sense.

Also, be wary of invitations from others. This means that you'll likely be getting viruses or click requests from those whose accounts are compromised. ("I've found this awful picture of you uploaded here" phishing attacks. I call them paranoia viruses because they play on the natural human self-centered tendency to think everyone is talking bad about you.)

Apr 07, 12

Many want to regulate surveillance technology just like we regulate firearms. It makes sense. Now the outcry is against the UK but I remember not too long a go when US companies were criticized in their role in tracking down Chinese dissidents. Cyberwarfare is a fact and intelligence gathered through the web that surrounds us strips away privacy of communication. 

"Britain is exporting surveillance technology to countries run by repressive regimes, sparking fears it is being used to track political dissidents and activists.

The UK's enthusiastic role in the burgeoning but unregulated surveillance market is becoming an urgent concern for human rights groups, who want the government to ensure that exports are regulated in a similar way to arms."

Feb 29, 12

There is now an Online Privacy Bill of Rights from the white house that demands that online ad networks build profiles that will respect "no not track" settings in browsers.

It is sad when you have to force people to be honest. It will also mean that people will have to come to grips with the fact that NOTHING IS FREE. You're always giving up something when you use a free service. ALWAYS.

Dec 06, 11

I've heard that some are going to start using filehippo to keep things clean when installing software. This may need to be your new alternative to

Dec 06, 11

More information on the Cnet controversy. This one probably explains best why this "gray area" practice is drawing the ire of security analysts and those who have shared their software on What will be the alternative? Stay tuned.

Nov 21, 11

How to protect your passwords. A handy guide from lifehacker that also shows how easy it is to snag those passwords. Read and learn.

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