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Dec 28, 11

This is a video investigating the use of virtual worlds in schools in the United Kingdom. It goes from college level into younger students. This video and background documents is available. Although second life excitement has died down (particularly with open source alternatives and things like Jibe and Unity platforms that will let you deploy to tablets and gaming environments) the potential is still there. June 2010 video.

The part you MUST see is at minute 6 where they are at a jetty where they are taking measurements and preparing to put it into the virtual world. They take pictures and measurements to build a real-life location into the virtual world. This is a phenomenal use of so many cross disciplinary concepts.

Jan 26, 10

The support site for my new private virtual world on Open Sim (from the people at Reactiongrid.) I'm so excited - been using reactiongrid public grid for a while, but now with a private grid, I'll have the best of both worlds. This is gREAT! They are great.

Oct 02, 09

Second Life in Education users are up at arms over the fact that Linden Lab has now decided that infringes on their SL trademark (which has been registered for 9 days.)

In my opinion this will push more people to options like Open Sim (we love Reaction Grid for ours.) You would think that they would have read the case studies on the mistakes of Microsoft when they "gave up" their monopoly when they got greedy and cornered the market. In this environment, people WILL make alternatives and this is not a group of people (the educators in SL) you want to be mad at you. These are the people who teach others how to do things, for goodness sakes - every company should wish for an army of free volunteers like Linden has.

Big mistake, Linden. Big mistake, but one that perhaps it will take years to see. I have seen educators who I have NEVER, I mean NEVER been angry at Linden angry.

Sep 14, 09

Just joined Atlantis Seekers - a really cool network of educators who meet on most Monday nights in SEcond Life to learn headed up by uber-digital storytelling pioneer Bernajean Porter.

Apr 14, 09

Julie and I are excited about participating in the ISTE Eduverse Talks next Tuesday 5PM SLT. Here are the show details.

Just think, if you come in, you can see HOW BAD I am at operating my avatar. (Actually, I don't think I"m as bad as I think, but my strength is definitely scripting.)

Julie is having to get up at 2 am to make this happen but she is such an amazing dear -- she is doing it! We are SOOOOOO excited and hope you'll take a venture into SL to join us.

We're so excited. Maybe you'll join us. If not, their blog will have the video and audio. Hey, and if you come, I"ll hang around afterwards -- would love to acquire some notecards about your projects. Let's post these in my office in the C.A.V.E. or any where else.

When we talk about flattening, it is not just about these projects but all of the projects going on out there -- so share your notecard and we'll find a place to collect and share them all. HOpe to meet you soon!

I'm CoolCat Whitman on Second Life (and ReactionGrid -- my favorite home for virtual worlds.)

Apr 07, 09

Excellent CNN article about growing groups of musicians and artists in Second Life. Have you attended an SL concert? If so, who do you like to hear?

  • ome musicians, visual artists and fashion designers have turned to another virtual frontier -- Second Life -- to sell CDs, earn tips, move paintings and grow international followings.
  • As life in the real world gets tougher, more artists are turning to Second Life to supplement their incomes, said Mike Lawson, a 41-year-old who fronts as a drawling blues singer, Von Johin, in Second Life.

    "You've got professional musicians from all genres coming into Second Life now and playing," he said. "The Internet is a great equalizer. You have people who have never played in front of anybody in their life getting a shot."

Mar 25, 09

Really cool second life talk show from ISTE. It is a great blog and looking forward to being on the show on April

Feb 17, 09

Wow, Leon Cych's blog is a great read! Love the recent article about how so much coverage of virtual worlds misses the point. Excellent work. And also don't miss that when someone says Second Life - just use the word "virtual world" - as we're seeing with OpenSim, you don't have to go the Linden way to really enjoy the great world they've created.

Feb 11, 09

This is the Second Life wikia where you can go to look up terminology.

Feb 09, 09

Learn how to script in second life. It creates autoscript to help you do things in SL or OpenSim. YES!!!!

Jan 14, 09

OK, as I bookmark this, I find that I have to correct the previous comment, it doesn't look like I can move items from sL inventory to open sim inventory - but then again, I AM SUCH A NEWBIE-- so if this can be done, I'd love to know how.

Nov 25, 08

From Stephen Downes -- Reuters closes its second life desk - not sure people knew it was there or how to use it to begin with.

Nov 01, 08

Second life has upped their prices this week. This is why I couldn't buy land - I budgeted at old prices but don't have the money to create my student island now. Of course, I'd wait until this past week to buy the island, but I wasn't ready yet!

Oct 12, 08

For you second lifers out there - there are virtual coupons for things in second life now. Kevin jarrett shares them all.

  • 12 Oct 2008 @ 07:34 am<!-- by Kevin Jarrett --> · No Comments ·

Sep 17, 08

This is a write up from Jacek Antonelli, an artist and Scripter in Second Life, who attended Louise Later's session in Second Life on accesibilities in Second Life. They reviewed two scripts that will help people with limited or no vision enjoy second life without visual feedback! This is so exciting!

They need volunteers to help them develop the scripts - everyone working on this project is either blind or has a disability. Now, this is something to get behind. Great job Jacek!

Aug 24, 08

Those doing educational work in Second Life are invited to submit for a poster session in SL. Call for Participation in the Second Life Community Convention Education Track (SLEDcc) Poster Sessions

Aug 23, 08

Discussion of why Generation X is inundating Second Life and why Gen Y is so underrepresented.

I will say that my students LOVE Second Life, but you also have to remember that I teach students who, for the most part, grew up playing outside and have engaged in free play all of their lives. Perhaps this is also a function of the presence of free play in the lives of children. How many Gen Y kids truly had free play as part of their childhood? We've sort of structured and organized everything for them in many cases.

Jul 10, 08

Great discussion on the Flat Classroom Ning (anyone can join) about the next three items we will each do. Some shared on the ustream and some over here.

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