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Oct 16, 14

I'm going to use this in the material I use to teach searching. Very nice poster you could blow up or use as a handout. Awesome!

Feb 04, 14

Leah shares how Goofram works - very cool and useful information from Leah Fullenkamp. Awesome.

Feb 04, 14

You can search Google and Wolfram Alpha at the same time. This is a handy tool for educators and students alike. Wow. (I wonder how long Google and Wolfram will let it stay - awesome while it lasts, though.)

Jan 07, 14

Here's the page where you register your school for Bing for Schools - you'll need to enter all outbound IP addresses so ask your IT department to do it.

Feb 24, 13

This is a very comprehensive list. One area where Wikipedia excels (if academics will continue to contribute) is in comprehensive lists of open education resources. This list includes whether it is subscription or free and what type of database it is.

Aug 28, 12

A method for facilitating student search using the i-search method. There are 4 phases of using this method and the website says that it is an excellent method for "alternative assessment, inclusion of students with diverse learning abilities, and technology integration." I found the method via a New York Times article on teaching students how to search.

Jun 28, 11

Students need to learn to go deeper than just Googling. Here is a short 2 minute video on that topic.

Jun 28, 11

Google Advanced search now lets you filter by reading level! (Hat tip to Tammy Worchester)

Remember, however, that google searches are becoming personalized which makes it more important than ever to use deep web resources.

Aug 14, 09

Firefox add on browser that I'm told helps with searching for content similar to web pages you are own. Worth a try.

Jul 28, 08

New Search Engine from ex google engineers plans to compete with Google - Called "Cuil" - this article outlines the story.

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