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Apr 02, 14

Science Teachers will love the Nanospace Molecularium from Renssalauer Polytech. Very cool too. (via Richard Byrne.)

Jan 16, 14

This is the lead in story that tells how they are trying to solve the mystery of the silk tower. I love how they did this -- read this with your students first and then the next article for the answer. Very good writing and kudos to wired. Neat.

Jan 16, 14

Science teachers will love this - a mystery of silk towers in the Amazon is finally solved. These structures went viral after someone posted and asked what they were on the Internet and now it has been discovered: a spider - although no one is really sure how.

It baffled entemologists. This whole topic is very cool because it is science but it is also social media and how the two have become inextricably intertwined. This is a great one to talk about in your science classes because there are so many ways you can go with it. So cool.

Dec 08, 13

If you're looking for free resources for Science,English,Math,and Social Studies to add some interest during December, this page from Discover;y has lots of great things separated by grade level including lesson plans and "learning adventures."

Nov 11, 13

A website with ideas for projects and science activities of all kind. I love how you can take a survey and it can help you find a project based upon your topics. Science teachers and homeschool parents in search of science projects will enjoy this site.

Feb 05, 13

Some more resources, in particular on space, astronomy, aquariums and more on the mega ed resources for education.

Feb 05, 13

This website has activities organized from K-8 for science experiments and online activities. Some interesting ideas here.

Feb 05, 13

You can go to this website and find some cool ideas for science competitions.

"The Elementary Science Olympiad offers over 80 challenging and motivational events which are balanced among the various science disciplines of life science, earth science, and physical science. These individual and team events also offer a balance among events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and applications. While a number of the events are in the form of a general quiz, the majority provide an element of "hands-on" participation allowing the "active" study of science. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, and having fun."

Jan 10, 13

World register of marine species. It is open data -you can download and use it. We are going to see a new world of open data where students are explorers. Do they know how to download and use it? Do you? The data divide will be there for kids who don't know how to analyze data on spreadsheets. This is part of the STEM future we should be moving towards. Why not start here?

Nov 12, 12

Sci Starter is a fantastic website to find citizen science projects. 

Oct 06, 12

Shown the day Neil Armstrong was named an astronaut, there is a telling moment where his parents were asked "How would you feel if your son were the first one to step foot on the moon." Such videos are available for free. I love the Open Culture site for finding cool things like this.

Sep 19, 12

If you love to read (like me) and enjoy science and technology, this list will give you many articles to peruse (or add to Pocket if you're getting ready to go on a trip.) As many of us teachers are expected to have reading across the curriculum, there are fascinating topics you could use in science,history, or even literature. Not all of these are for high school use, but all should be fine for college classes.

Jul 06, 12

I'm enjoying Reddit but only using the "Alien Blue" app on my ipad. It is a cool source of information and conversation. In this example, a teacher is asking for advice as a beginning science teacher. I hope some of you elementary science teachers will take time to answer.

Check out reddit but also check out Alien Blue - it is an example of how an app makes a service so much more.

Jul 06, 12

The Institute of Physics has aligned almost 400 of their resources with common core standards for science teachers. They have some fascinating experiments and ideas. If you're a science teacher in the US, you'll want to follow them on the share my lesson site to get their middle and high school resources (none for elementary school yet although you could adapt some for more advanced students.)

Jun 09, 12

Google science fair has shared their 2012 winners from around the world. Consider looking at this as an option for your student science fair projects.

May 13, 12

Popular space activities to do with students including a very popular PowerPoint that is made to accompany the Monty Python galaxy song! This is perfect for upper elementary or middle school but I think the galaxy song could be used with anyone.

Apr 26, 12

If you want to see some sample Socrative quizzes and lessons, teachers are starting to upload their Socrative resources to the TES website that I frequent so often. Here are some nice quizzes and lessons, particularly on science: space, electrolysis, animal and plant cells.

Feb 29, 12

This website reviews science books and has quite a few people to review this. It will be interesting to see how this evolves as right now it is just very blog like and a bit challenging to drill down into. I find it fascinating that people are realizing that there is a fundamental difference between paper and ebook. If you like science, follow this blog.

Feb 29, 12

A community of writers and scientists are reviewing and discussing scientific ebooks at Download the Universe. eBooks aren't where they are going to be. I'm toying with the idea of producing my own ebook after this next project because I haven't really seen what I think is possible in an ebook but have already storyboarded my own private thoughts in this area. This is a fascinating once in history experience to be part of a major trend as books evolve from paper to ebook. I'm excited! Take a look.

"e-readers have opened up a period of great innovation in how we convey and consume "books," but, as of yet, these new products have not met with the sorts of rigorous and routine reviews that new printed books receive. But a new project, Download the Universe, aims to change that. Led by a set of some of the top science writers in the country -- including Carl Zimmer, Steve Silberman, and Atlantic contributor David Dobbs -- the site aims to provide reviews of new straight-to-ebook science books."

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