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02 Apr 14

Science Teachers will love the Nanospace Molecularium from Renssalauer Polytech. Very cool too. (via Richard Byrne.)

18 Feb 14

What is going on with Mars? Certain times of the year dark streaks are appearing on the Mars surface that has scientists baffled. It isn't water. It contains iron. Join the mystery with your students as this is going to be a cool one, whatever the answer.

25 Jan 14

ePals and th Smithsonian are sponsoring their third Invent It challenge where students address real world problems with inventions. The projects are due on April 11. Sign up now and plan this authentic project into your classroom this spring.

16 Jan 14

This is the lead in story that tells how they are trying to solve the mystery of the silk tower. I love how they did this -- read this with your students first and then the next article for the answer. Very good writing and kudos to wired. Neat.

16 Jan 14

Science teachers will love this - a mystery of silk towers in the Amazon is finally solved. These structures went viral after someone posted and asked what they were on the Internet and now it has been discovered: a spider - although no one is really sure how.

It baffled entemologists. This whole topic is very cool because it is science but it is also social media and how the two have become inextricably intertwined. This is a great one to talk about in your science classes because there are so many ways you can go with it. So cool.

16 Jan 14

Artificial Intelligence and the "deep learning" movement are hitting it big time: big bucks and big influence on our future. Geoff Hinton is working for Google to help improve voice recognition, image tagging and more. Microsoft, IBM, Baidu (search enging in China) and others are getting into AI. This is part of education as AI and learning tools can be greatly impacted. Read and share this article if you're an education or technology futurist. Fascinating.

13 Dec 13

This is very true. Online tutorials can only get us so far. This is why I'm learning Scratch and brushing up on Java. I may even have to learn Python before I'm done. We need Computer Science but who will teach it? If we only rely on videos, it would be like asking kids to teach themselves math using Khan Academy without a teacher who knew how to work the problems.

"The vast majority of my students do very well on their first hour or two of coding using structured lessons, but when they start to write code for a new problem, or hit the first set of bugs, they get frustrated and need help. Sometimes, all they need is a hint, a pointer to a similar problem, or my assurance that they can solve it. In some cases, they need someone to just re-explain it a little differently."

10 Dec 13

As a mother of a daughter who is applying to Georgia Tech in Computer Science, this is important. My daughter's life was changed when I had her use Kodu in class, write a program and win an NCWIT award. She was on a panel with Sylvia Martinez at ISTE about encouraging more girls into STEM and really realized that she liked Computer Science and would at least try it as a major. She said until she saw people talk about it and realized she could code, she had no idea that it was something she could do and like.

Girls who code is a group that works to encourage girls to enter computing fields.

04 Dec 13

More than 5.4K people are excited about these apps on Mashable.Remember that parents are BUYING apps to help kids in your subject. Why not test them out and recommend them to parents in your weekly emails or your website/blog.

03 Dec 13

Tutorials to teach students of all ages about computational thinking and coding.

02 Dec 13

TEacher Alfonso Gonzalez @educatoral is Using World of Warcraft in eight grade science. He's transparently sharing what they are doing and how they're doing it. I'm following what he's doing and many others are as well. I'm fascinated to see how he'll doing but if he's following Peggy Sheehy - she is the one who really knows how to use WOW with almost any subject.

02 Dec 13

Yes, every school in the UK is going to teach programming next year. Pushing schools into the 21st century needs to happen and yet the US is tolerating that 90% of schools here teach NO computer science.

02 Dec 13

The Scratch tutorial with video can be used with students. This is using scratch on the web -- so NOTHING TO INSTALL.This is a great option for many of you to use for the Hour of Code.

02 Dec 13

Yes! Applause to the always innovative, always helpful National Writing Project for joining in the Hour of Code celebrations coming up. Have you signed up your school? Are you ready to participate? If you want to use writing as it relates to Computer Science, realize that this is important to all of us.

"The National Writing Project is joining to support the Hour of Code . The largest initiative of its kind, the Hour of Code is a campaign to recruit 10 million students to try computer science for one hour during Computer Science Education Week (December 9–15).

Join the National Writing Project, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and over 100 other individuals and organizations to make history. Start planning the Hour of Code for your classroom (or school) at ."

20 Nov 13

Watch this video as you consider joining the Hour of Code in December - think about sharing this with your students. Use this video with your kids - it has Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Bill Gates from Microsoft and so many others.

11 Nov 13

If you need ideas for science careers, this is a great resource. Students could research careers using this information.

11 Nov 13

A website with ideas for projects and science activities of all kind. I love how you can take a survey and it can help you find a project based upon your topics. Science teachers and homeschool parents in search of science projects will enjoy this site.

06 Nov 13

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Sciences are open. Anyone – principals, teachers, parents, students or members of the general public – may nominate exceptional mathematics or science teachers who are currently teaching grades K-6 for the 2014 award year.

04 Nov 13

There are many prizes for having an hour of code - including a set of laptops for your school or chats with some computer science leaders like Bill Gates. Have you signed up for the "hour of code?"

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