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19 Apr 12

Extending the school day may not have the benefits that some claim, especially since we're just giving kids more same-old same-old instruction time. This article from the Washington Post is worth a read.

"But the extended day approach being implemented in many schools as a result of the department’s push to increase instructional time  falls short.  It largely ignores the deep body of research on what makes effective expanded learning.   Instead, too many schools are merely adding another hour or so of regular class time onto the school day.  Not surprisingly, two very recent studies suggest we might not accomplish much with this approach to improving schools. "

24 Mar 12

Check out ScreenLeap - an awesome FREE tool for desktop sharing. TY @CoolCatTeacher: #technology News for #Schools -

02 Jan 12

Edudemic writes about why schoolsmshould outsource social media marketing. I disagree. Genuine, real interactions with real people does more to help a school than some marketing firm. We do it ourselves at our school. the main thing I do wish to oursource,..processing and uploading the film to Youtube and pics. Either way, every school should have a social media marketing plan. No exceptions. you are either part of the message or the message just moves as it will.

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