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Jun 05, 12

Ithaca college makes the SAT optional. Some are being allowed to submit a portfolio including math tests, science laboratory work, etc. Portfoliols of work are important additions to a student's achievement in high school. If all you do is teach a student to take a test, you're missing the point of what you should be doing. Expect to see more and more about student portfolios as this is a growing trend in many schools, particularly those with 1:1 programs, as well it should be.

Apr 26, 12

A set of SAT prep questions worked for you. These videos are mostly from Khan but organized by sections on the TES website. Another way to do prep.

Apr 26, 12

This SAT prep program is free and has more than 60 lessons in math, reading, and writing. It also includes a score projector. This is something parents CAN have their children do to prepare for the test (unless you want to get my FAVORITE book for this -- SAT prep for dummies .) 

Apr 26, 12

Another set of probability notes from Sparknotes. Did you eralize they have SAT testprep on sparknotes? Here is a nice review of probability there.

Apr 26, 12

As an SAT coach at my school, the probability questions often challenge students. Here is a set of SAT probability questions to help students for the SAT (there is one coming up next week if you're a math teacher, you might want to print this out.)

Feb 14, 12

This online Turbotest can be taken on computer or ipad using the browser. I'd like to see the final results in it. The biggest question is that if it is that predictive, why not use this sort of adaptive test for the ACTUAL SAT. It would save time and frustration.

"To create a more efficient assessment tool, Kaplan Test Prep has teamed with Testive, an adaptive test development company, to create the first-ever adaptive 90-minute practice SAT that can reliably predict a test-taker’s score level.  Using computer adaptive algorithms developed at MIT and built upon decades of academic research on adaptive testing, the “Kaplan SAT TurboTest,” powered by Testive, can help students understand their current score without having to sit through a full-length 4-hour practice exam.

The first and only computer-adaptive SAT practice test, the Kaplan SAT TurboTest creates an individualized test experience for each student by adjusting the difficulty of questions as the test progresses.  If a student answers a question correctly, the test difficulty level increases.  If a student gets a question wrong, the test gets easier.  By adapting to the test-taker’s ability, the SAT TurboTest is able to create an accurate picture of his or her predicted performance more efficiently, using fewer questions."

Feb 14, 12

Kaplan has released a free SAT turbo test. In 90 minutes, they say that you'll know approximately what your score will be on the SAT. This could be something you could do with students. They've made it so you can use your web browser and take this on the ipad. I'd like to see the output that comes at the end of it.

Dec 05, 11

Two well known authors subject themselves to the SAT essay and are graded.This would be an interesting case study for students from many perspectives: 1) for understanding the assessment and 2) for keeping perspective. ;-)

Sep 28, 11

How many schools would have the integrity to investigate discrepancies in the sat. An Emory University student flew home several times to take the SAT for six students who paid him more than $1k a piece to take the test, according to charges filed this week.

May 13, 10

Stephen Colbert lashed out against the SAT's and the prep courses. As an SAT prep person, this came across my desk. Not really sure what the SAT measures -- often it is your affluence that it measures - that is a good point.

The only part I really don't care for is the fun he pokes at the "learning disabled" a misunderstood "category" if I've ever seen one.

Jan 16, 09

Enter your videos to help teach SAT videos and win prizes. Get 1 free itunes download for every 5 videos you share. This could be neat - I have a couple of older ones that I'm going to upload.

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