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Jan 22, 15

Make sure girls don't put their cell phone in their bra (not kidding) and there are many concerns about wifi for kids. We need to consider and review this information -- although there are no long term studies of wifi and kids and nothing linking wifi - there are concerns particularly with RF/EMF exposure. Sleeping with your cell phone or other wireless device is definitely a bad idea. (Hat Tip Diane Ravitch)

Jan 22, 14

Fire fighters will be able to see where they need to go without having to look down at their phones using a new app developed for Google glass. There are many in the security professions who would benefit from being able to keep their eyes on the scene and not looking down as well as video capture as needed. This firefighter developed an app for that. Very interesting.

Sep 14, 13

Free poster I created to help students understand how to be safe online. Yes, there are 5 steps, not 4. Every student should know how to screenshot on every electronic device.

Feb 24, 13

Geofencing is a new concept in safety notifications. Schools can literally notify anyone entering an area (i.e. notify vendors and parents they must check in with the office when entering a certain area), leaving an area, or within an area of issues. This could be used to notify and protect students, teachers, and anyone on campus in the case of an emergency of any kind. 

This article is one of the best I've seen about geofencing and how it works, although it is promoting an app (Ping4alerts) it is very useful for safety leaders and it directors to read and understand the potential of this very useful technology.

"Hyperlocal alerts are a new capability made possible by the rise of smart devices and “geofencing” technology. A geofence is a virtually “fenced-off” area or geographic location. When this concept is applied to mobile devices, it refers to the ability of users to receive automatic alerts or notifications when entering, leaving or moving within a geographic area specifically defined by a virtual geofence. That area could be as small as a single building or as large as a state or region of the country. System administrators draw a square on a map through their portal interface to designate the location and size of the geofenced in area."

Sep 05, 12

Fire prevention month is in October. This wish list will help fire departments get information and materials to local schools for October 9 (commemoration of the great Chicago fire.)

Jul 27, 12

This website has daily security tips and is an excellent way to help keep people informed and updated about online safety issues. I'd sign up my whole staff for this one but will at least email it and point it out.

Jun 10, 12

I think that every school should have a safety week. Discuss the accidents and safety precautions that kids can use to protect themselves. While some schools celebrate "child safety week" in June - this is a great topic when school gets out for the summer or to be run in summer preschools or camps. It is also something that could be scheduled during the month that students return to school. Children should be empowered to protect themselves. Here are some age appropriate ways this is done by schools now.

May 17, 12

Do you know how to protect your smart phone from hacking? Do you know most people don't have a password on their smartphone? Realize that the new goldmine for identity thieves and hackers is in your pocket and you may not even have to take it out to be hacked. Be aware and educate yourself but don't panic.

Apr 15, 12

I highly recommend that teachers of kids 10 and under download the Got 2B safe Educational safety kit to help prevent child abduction. The kit is free and is cosponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. With the work my children are doing on the #endslavery - MayDay event, it would be great if you'd consider helping keep kids safe. There is also a classroom makeover contest you can sign up to win as well.

Apr 07, 12

The UK is looking to lock down children's access to raunchy music videos with similar blocking platforms as are used to keep children out of gambling sites. I have to admit the content on Youtube is often surprising as well as the fact I can get it on my TV via ROku box without any sort of rating system. I think we'll see a reconciliation between online video and regular "television" continue to converge with the free for all Internet world changing in the next few years.

From the Telegraph...
"It is understood the Prime Minister is considering new rules that would oblige websites hosting such videos to introduce robust age verification systems similar to those used to safeguard children online gambling.
Music videos are currently exempt from classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984 and 2010, which means that – unlike films – there are no restrictions on children buying any but the most graphic music videos.
There are currently no legal restrictions on children downloading music videos of any kind.
The Prime Minister is understood to be “disappointed” with the music video industry’s response to a Government report that warned of the greater “sexualisation of childhood”. The study highlighted the corrupting influence of such short films.

Mar 14, 12

If you run a computer lab, you would do well to train your students how to use a portable fire extinguisher. This training video is one you can use. Forward this to teachers and those with computers, in particular.

Feb 21, 12

Daniel Donahoo from the UK shares his views on safety and the Internet. I think we err on the side of being a bit extreme in many cases. Students, often, err on the side of cluelessness. I think wisdom is somewhere in the middle between blue lipped, panic stricken parents, and relaxed, photo snapping Facebookers.
"Our obsession with online safety for children is excessive. It is driven by group-think and fear, generated by media and interested parties who often ignore any rigorous evidence-based approach to the issues, or even bother to explore a simple risk analysis. Back in 2007 I wrote a book called Idolising Children, wherein I argued that we have an unhealthy obsession with children and youth culture. An obsession that sees adults trying to preserve an idea of childhood and youth that doesn't actually exist while simultaneous trying to act out their own youthful fantasies and cling to idealised concepts of youth. It is all about lotions, potions and younger looking skin. It is about what we as adults want childhood to be -- innocent and stress free. Rather than recognising it for what it is -- the process of learning, of taking risks and making mistakes on the way to becoming a capable and confident adult.

Dec 31, 11

If you are a parent or homeschooler, you'll have time to use this powerpoint between now and New Year's. This is a lesson about how to design a poster for firework safety.

Nov 23, 11

Some nice resources on creating a safe social network page. A document and an Interactive Whiteboard powerpoint file to use.

Apr 22, 11

This is a good list but instead of the IRL requirement for friending - I do think that those they don't know IRL need some verification.

Feb 11, 11

Tips from the FTC about using public wireless networks - this is important information for students and adults to know.

Jul 24, 10

Great article about the different levels of cyberstalking and privacy concerns.

  • At Northwestern University, "Lauren Cohn" racked up 143 friends -- none of whom knew who she was. While we're not certain the school was involved in the fabrication, that's beside the point -- 143 people just let this chick into their social circles.
  • Still, take a gander at novelty apps like "Open Book," which allows you to search others' unprotected status updates for potentially incriminating info (I looked, and no, I would rather not know about the hot oral sex you had this a.m.),
  • cyberstalking thusly: "A course of conduct (more than one incident) that uses technology to track, intimidate, harass, threaten or scare victims." That could mean harassing you online or even using the internet to gather info that can be used for physical stalking.
Jul 20, 10

I've moved a discussion that has emerged from the "wall" area of my page to the discussion board. There is quite a conversation going on about how we can keep our children safe. JOin the conversation if you're on facebook.

"Cool Cat Teacher A great conversation has emerged on the homepage of this area about how to keep our kids safe on facebook. If we have a lot of friends and our children have set their settings to "friends of friends" can see their information - anyone you friend now has access to your children.

How do you friend your kids on FAcebook and keep them safe?"

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