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Sep 10, 13

I'm beta testing Feedspot. The thing that most interests me about this option is that they are building in a true replacement for Google Alerts, something that Feedly doesn't have. RSS makes life much easier and helps you keep up with current news.

Jul 09, 13

Cool trick to archive and keep what you've read in Google reader. Here's how you can do this trick -- that is if you ever used Google reader - or used it a lot (like I did for quite a period of time.) Very cool hack.

Jul 03, 13

Another small change. Google alerts NO LONGER allows RSS delivery. This is a big deal for many of us who use the service to monitor our brand. Big yuck. I hope they don't discontinue this for Google news. IF you want to monitor your school's name, go to this site and set up the alert and send it to email.

Dec 15, 12

A new RSS reader has come on the scene called Fever. It lets you say "how hot" certain feeds are for you and also looks at the web and predicts the hottest things for you to read. I'm on my ipad this weekend so I can't buy and install fever (I think it resides on a Mac -- looking for a PC version now.) This is basically software that one person designed that is getting some buzz in tech circles for usability and making RSS feed reading manageable again. Worth a look. (I've discovered that it requires a bit of geekiness and your own server to set up -- so you'll have to ask your "IT" person if you want fever. - The interface is still cool, though.)

Jul 15, 12

This website lets you mashup and create new feeds from existing ones. Take some time to manipulate feeds into smaller ones and you'll be glad you did.

Jul 15, 12

A service that filters feeds for certain keywords. This is a fascinating way to drill down into feeds that have a lot of content but you just want some of it.

Jul 15, 12

This Feed flitering service will pull out spam and profanity - great to try for those who are behind firewalls and concerned about inappropriate content getting through.

Mar 28, 12

If you want to quickly add some great feeds to your google reader, here's a bundle of lovely edublogs (over 800 of them) you can pull into a folder. You could remove those that don't interest you after reading. You can use these to get started in Google reader.

Mar 28, 12

Google is really starting to get RSS so say experts. It is shown in the methods that Google is using to embed ads into RSS. I think the biggest thing is that I'd like to do this to at least differentiate my clean blog with all of those who scrape and take my blog content without credit. Great article on how Google is (finally) using RSS.
"Google has filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) for embedding advertisements into syndicated RSS and Atom feeds.

Feb 21, 12

A handy and very current guide to using Google reader. This is more current than some of the RSS for educators, etc. guides, especially since Google reader has changed. Written by my friend, Sue Waters.

Feb 21, 12

A lovely video explaining how RSS works. This is great for you to use to learn about RSS or to share with students. If you join common craft, you can download the video or embed it.

Mar 23, 11

I'm starting to get a lot of traffic from diffbot. It looks like a new sort of RSS reader but one that turns webpages of choice into a "newspaper" sort of look. This may be easy for others to read. I find this interesting.

Jul 31, 09

Intuitive feed readers - now that is fascinating in potential but also scary in that perhaps, they could be manipulated (much like our searches are manipulated.) Fascinated and yet curious at the same time.

Nov 13, 08

It is called "mathetude" - however, this digg-like aggregator for technology and education is fascinating with readers giving "apples" to the news stories. I've enjoyed browsing through what they have in this repository of current news.

Nov 01, 08

Organizations are starting to get things together to create widgets to help academicians, authors, and others to build a very powerful PLN (personal learning network) with their igoogle or netvibes. They seem to prefer Netvibes for a couple of reasons - and I maintain an account on both, although I startup on igoogle.

There are Bespoke repository service widgets and repository information widgets. They even have a page to see what these widgets do (also in this post.)

Every modern student (and professor and teacher) should understand how to build a PLN.

  • This website is designed to show you how to use widgets / gadgets / plugins in your work to get access to information quickly and effectively.
Aug 09, 08

If you want to follow what is happening on twitter about the olympics -- summize has been bought by twitter so it is now officially "twitter search." You can pull the rss feed from this and add it to your Olympics page if you wish.

Aug 09, 08

This is a great way to teach RSS -- this is the igoogle gadget for tracking the events in the Olympic games. This was a project of Cristin Frodella, the Google employee who also created Google Teacher Academy. What a cool gadget!

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