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Feb 04, 16

Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts…
Every Classroom Matters Episode 213

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Your recall of information is up to 55% greater with the use of a picture linked to the content, according to edusketch expert and…
BLOGGED: Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts #education

BLOGGED: Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts #education

— V…

Mar 24, 08 Created by Russel Tarr a Teacher from France Created by Russel Tarr a Teacher from France

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) May 16, 20…

Jan 23, 15

Awesome video and information about Minecraft and why it is so AWESOME. Watch this 7 minute video if you just don't get it! H/T Wes Fryer

Jul 04, 12

A list of the books shared from Project Gutenberg that you can download onto your ebook from the sharemylesson website.

Jun 20, 12

The Share my lesson (cosponsored with the american federation of teachers) has organized lessons and materials by grade level.

May 24, 12

Those who work with kids with special needs will appreciate this organized list of resources that you can use with students. Bev Evans, one of the lead curators, is a teacher and Mom with a heart for kids with special needs. Her special touch of empathy for teachers and students comes through in everything she does. 

Apr 23, 12

If you're planning May and want to see the holidays and events along with lesson plans, you'll want to check out this list. Lots of events including a net one we should bring to the US called "Friendship Funday".

Feb 14, 12

This is how Twitter lists are useful. You can share lists of resources. Here is a list of great twitter accounts that share free resources for teachers from TES.

Dec 05, 11

Some of use the fakebook tool at but if you need to be offline, this is a template to make a Facebook page for a famous character. It is a .doc (Microsoft Word) file and you can download it and use it for your activity. These are great for looking at famous characters and students enjoy them.

Nov 07, 11

A library of information of all types of sources and documents. AS a suggestion copy out of wikisource and paste into Tagxedo to find meaning and format. This should be a strategy for making meaning out of massive texts by students. You can do this with whole books.

Nov 04, 11

Bev Evans is very popular Special needs teacher in the UK who has shared over 500 free resources for teachers that she uses with her students. She has a child with special needs and is just a cool person. @tes_sen is her twitter handle. She is definitely one that special needs teachers want to follow.

Jun 27, 11

Mike Fisher's Livebinder on Ipads in schools. If you're using iPads, this is an excellent resource.

Sep 15, 10

this website is-- SUPER! Free Jeopardy maker (You can save the text files and play offline and share files!) and tons of free other tools! SO MUCH FUN!

Feb 01, 10

This is a marvelous resource page with lots of links to clip art, plagiarism information, preschool primary information, RSS tutorials, blogs, wikis, just lots of lovely material here. Excellent resource page from M. Winieka, Media Instructor.

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