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Jan 05, 13

Even more inspirational, here Sandy shares how she worked hard to find a place where students are treated with compassion and inclusion and how she found someone to work with her. She also built onto her house and had surgery on a thyroid tumor. I think that some people think that innovators have it easy and they'll just work when it is easier. Sandy didn't have it easy at all and look at what she's done. I find her reflections so heartwarming and hope some of you will share your stories. We should draw strength from one another.

Jan 05, 13

Sandy McConnell has created a nice set of reflections for 2012, something I think all admins should want their teachers to do, where she shared her views, what she has done, and how she's improved. Such retrospection on a year is a powerful way to mark learning and remember. She's done so many things, but particularly I like how she didn't let the fact that she was temporarily laid off stop her from learning and moving forward. IF you're having a tough time, you might want to read what Sandy is and has done. She inspires me. Wow. I"ll link to all of her sets, because I"d like you to read them all.

Nov 08, 08

Interview with Billy Graham at 90.

He says that one thing he can do at his age is encourage and mentor younger ministers.

There is a huge value in those educators who are at post-retirement age -- we STILL NEED THEM.

  • But no, I'm not making any endorsements, and I'm staying out of partisan politics. I'm grateful for our system of government, and I strongly urge people to vote—but I don't endorse any candidate.
  • The Bible says that as Christians we don't grieve the same way people do who have no hope of eternity and of Heaven—but we still grieve.
  • if we live long enough, sooner or later the frailties of old age will catch up with us.
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