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Jul 09, 13

Cool trick to archive and keep what you've read in Google reader. Here's how you can do this trick -- that is if you ever used Google reader - or used it a lot (like I did for quite a period of time.) Very cool hack.

May 08, 12

There are new ways to sort your Google reader - oldest, newest or "sort by magic" which is a personalized magic ranking.Of course, I find it difficult to rely on such "magic." These very small things will influence a lot. If someone can control what I read,can they control what I think? Hidden algorithms make me nervous. So, even though I may try this, I think I'll leave my settings to sort by the newest and use my brain to figure it out myself.

Feb 07, 11

Some information for how to set up accounts for ereaders of various types for your library. Some more information posted in November 2010. This includes iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle, Kobo/ Libre

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