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Jan 25, 13

QR codes are very convenient and this article from Edutopia does a nice job of outlining some of the benefits of using QR codes in the classroom. If you get into this, I have a blog post on my blog called "QR Code Classroom Guide" to help you get started.

Jan 23, 12

One of my favorite youtube channels for teachers and educators is from Jarrod Robinson "Mr. Robbo the PE Geek" from down under. He is helpful, loves kids, and has a unique understanding of engaging bodily kinesthetic learners in all subjects and a passion for mobile learning.

Jan 17, 12

The QR code Classroom Implementation Guide continues to move towards being one of the most popular posts I've ever written. They can save you time on assessment and in many ways. Hope this is helpful.

Nov 27, 11

A teachers's pondering on QR codes with some nice links.

Apr 19, 11

Ecellent blog post on the use of QR codes in nonprofits from social media nonprofit guru - Beth Kanter. Tons of potential here!

Aug 06, 10

Still my favorite post on QR Codes in Eduction. PE and health teachers should read Mr. Robbo.

Jul 14, 10

QR codes are here and they are going mainstream. MR Robbo the PE geek, myself and others are using these IN CLASS and they are useful ways of augmenting reality. Time to learn because people are going to be talking!

Jun 26, 09

Mr. Robbo, the PE Geek, filmed this video on his cell phone about how he uses QR Codes in the classroom. He filmed it on his cellphone and uploaded it to qik -- he is in Australia!

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