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Jan 22, 15

You can self publish a textbook using Amazon Kindle Direct. Very interesting.

Nov 09, 12

I quite enjoyed the thoughts in a write up of Brian's speech on the evolution of publishing. I like that this speech has evolved as his thinking evolved (so many speakers never change their speeches and they SHOULD). If this is something you ponder, and most of us teachers and definitely librarians, curriculum directors, and administrators are watching this closely, you'll want to read and think about this speech. While not easy to read in the bold black type, it is one of those worth taking the time.

""It’s time to think about content, not as a product or a service, but a vehicle to reach an outcome. Literacy is important as a step toward informing and empowering individuals, groups and communities, but on its own it is not enough. As reading experiences become both portable and increasingly universal, we need to reshape our sense of publishing and build "the library within us": a collection of tools and resources that individuals can draw upon to connect with and change the world around us.""

His most telling words

"A year ago, I was optimistic that publishers and supply-chain partners would soon see their mutual need for a data-driven reconsideration of why publishing exists and the purposes it can serve.
I’m no longer optimistic.
Another year spent wrangling over the role of libraries, another year spent kicking the can down the road with respect to the widespread and debilitating use of DRM, another year spent fostering the idea that we really have embraced “digital”: these things and more have convinced me that the “opportunity in abundance” will not accrue to the incumbents.
This became all too clear to me last summer. In January, I had made the somewhat ambitious pledge to “post something useful every day”. By June, 180 or so posts in, the optimism well had run dry. I just didn’t believe my own story any more."

    • “Value is carried by abundance, not scarcity, inverting traditional business propositions.”
    •   “As networks entangle all commerce, a firm’s primary focus shifts from maximizing the firm’s value to maximizing the network’s value.”
    •   “As innovation accelerates, abandoning the highly successful in order to escape from its eventual obsolescence becomes the most difficult and yet most essential task.”
  • : “As power flows away from the center, the competitive advantage belongs to those who learn how to embrace decentralized points of control.”
  •  “The intelligence that matters most exists in boundless variety at the ends of a network, rather than in the mediated systems in the middle”.

5 more annotations...

Nov 09, 12

I'm fascinated to look at this company, Silverchair, which is touted as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They are doing things to transform scholarly publishing in a way that is sensitive to the user. I want to learn more about them, but for now, thought I'd mention their name as I'm reading up on the evolution of publishing.

"Silverchair Information Systems develops products by partnering with scholarly publishers to transform content for a more valuable user experience on all devices. These products are then supported by a natively semantic platform and dedication to service we have worked to perfect over the last 18 years"

Mar 07, 12

I find this is ironic that the publishers are calling Apple the "evil empire." And so it begins the echoes of a complete publishing industry turnover. Like the music industry ten years a go, great opportunity is born out of great turmoil. Futures of whole companies and industries will be decided in the next year.

"I humbly implore all media companies who read this — downtrodden newspaper editors, heads of publishing houses, and CEOs of media businesses: don’t listen to Apple, Google, or Yahoo. Join the Rebellion. Help us save journalism.

Jan 24, 12

Use iBooks author and Apple effectively owns all distribution rights to your work. This is a terms of service to run by your lawyer if you are, have or plan to publish in the future.

Dec 01, 11

Students majoring in literary degrees cannot even get unpaid internships in New York's competitive publishing market. I wonder why they aren't blogging. there are things you can do to get attention in the publishing world. (Hey I'll give someone a job as an unpaid editor here. Goodness knows my run on sentences, comma splices and occasional spelling errors need it! I'll list your name and maybe that will help you get a job - who knows. I think the publishing industry is fundamentally changing.)

Jan 20, 11

Everyone has been asking me how to publish your blog on the Kindle. I would write a blog post but really, the instructions on this page make it simple. Schools should also be publishing news blogs for a subscription - it would be a great model!

Nov 11, 08

The largest bookshop in the world is Now......

drum roll please...

you guessed it --- GOOGLE! Who has a license to print copyrighted books that are no longer in print. Only open in the US for now. This is an important article from the NY Times for those involved in authoring and publishing books. Stay tuned.

  • Late last month, American authors and publishers reached an agreement with Google to settle lawsuits over Google’s Book Search program, which scans millions of books and makes their contents available on the Internet. The deal lets Google sell electronic versions of copyrighted works that have gone out of print.
  • “The book business model is under siege, just as the music industry earlier came under siege,”
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