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Oct 01, 15

Research and information on why coding should be in every school. I'm intrigued by the Algebra/ Coding curriculum mentioned.

Apr 08, 14

Very cool likttle programmable robot for kids - you put your iphone or ipod touch on the frame and you can teach Romo how to do things (and learn programming.)

Mar 05, 14

Hee's a flickr group for showing off rainmeter configurations for the desktop. Some great ideas for how desktops should be( and perhaps where they are headed.)

Feb 04, 14

A coding game for little kids. I don't know about teaching them to program before they learn to read, as it claims, but I do know that many are ready and moving head to teach their kids to code and that is awesome.

Dec 11, 13

A great list of apps (both free and not free) for promoting the hour of code. Share this with your parents who want to encourage this at home.

Dec 11, 13

Great conversations happening over at Edutopia about the Hour of Code and what people are doing. I love it when educators talk and share.

Dec 02, 13

A new Kickstarter project gaining ground that uses the Raspberry Pi as an open source programming kit for kids. I love this.

Dec 02, 13

This app is an option for many BYOD schools to use as it supports Android and iOS.

Dec 01, 13

Don't let the title mislead you, but yes, there are many uses of Minecraft in schools.This versatile, compelling but pretty low bandwidth tool gives us so many things Second Life never did - and with it is affordable for most of us. This list is trending on Twitter which just shows how many people are interested (or how many people don't read to know it isn't really 1001 ;-)

You might just find one way to teach coding in your classroom for the Hour of Code coming up.

May 02, 12

For app programmers out there, this book is free today. It will teach you how to build Windows 8 apps with HTML5 and Javascript and is free May 2, 2012. “Metro Revealed: building Windows 8 apps with HTML 5 and JavaScript”

Dec 28, 11

This 189+ question on Slashdot is a great example of how comments become the post. if you eant to teach game peogramming and want the pros and cons and lots of choices, head here for a great, though time consuming, read.

Dec 27, 11

If you are a compiter Science teacher or advocate for Computer S ience education, you should read Slfred Thompson. he works for Microsoft covering computer science but has a great personality and the kind of genuineness that all companies shoudl wish for in their bloggers. he will tell you what he thinks and I think he has done a great service to computer science educatiion. here, he lists his most popular posts of the year including "Why programming is for girls." Take time to read these posts.

Dec 12, 11

A website where you can make your own video games. Sploder is in beta.

Nov 11, 11

Lots of talk in technology circles about 6th grader Thomas Suarez an iphone programmer.His best selling app is Bustin Jieber a Justin Beiber "Whack a Mole." He shares how he learned how to program an app. How he taught himself the iPhone Software Development kit.  He started an "app club" at school where any kid at school can come and learn how to design an app. He is part of an ipad pilot program. The students are asking teachers to help them design apps for education and the money is going into local education foundation. 

Nov 07, 11

Kodu game lab. A free programming language that lets you make programs for x-box style games.

May 27, 11

Some projects to make games for windows Phones in Visual Basic from Alfred Thompson of Microsoft. (The go to guy for computer science teachers.)

Apr 12, 11

Winners for imagine cup:

Thanks so much!

This afternoon in Redmond, WA, the nation's best and brightest tech students gathered for the ninth annual Imagine Cup 2011 U.S. Finals. Starting with a field of more than 74,000 students, the final 12 teams presented their life-changing projects to a panel of elite judges, tackling diverse issues from eliminating malaria to promoting alternative energy. After an intense weekend of presentations and eliminations, the winners were named:

* 1st Place, Software Design: Team Note-Taker, Arizona State University. Project: "Note-Taker" - A portable, assistive technology to help vision-impaired students take notes in class.

* 1st Place, Game Design - Windows/Xbox: Team Bloom, Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. Project: "Spero" - A game focused on alternative energy solutions and educating people on how to live healthier lives.

* 1st Place, Game Design - Mobile: Team Big Impact Bear, University of Houston. Project: "Forest Gun" - A game that aims to prevent and reverse deforestation in the world.

* 1st Place, People's Choice Award - Software Design: Team BearPaw, Brigham Young University. Project: A mobile and cloud solution for ultrasound images that is cost-effective, widely available and easy to implement.

* 1st Place, People's Choice Award - Game Design: Team Bloom, Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. Project: "Spero" - A game focused on alternative energy solutions and educating people on how to live healthier lives.

Apr 26, 10

I don't really understand all about this project out of MIT but want to learn more about it. After watching the demo, I can see HUGE applications for IT administrators and support staff who have certain people and machines that need the same repetitive things done that they just cannot remember. Look at this sikuli script feature - it is GREAT!)

Thi s is what they say on their site:

"ikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots). The first release of Sikuli contains Sikuli Script, a visual scripting API for Jython, and Sikuli IDE, an integrated development environment for writing visual scripts with screenshots easily. Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen without internal API's support. You can programmatically control a web page, a desktop application running on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X, or even an iphone application running in an emulator. "

Mar 24, 09

From Alfred Thompson, my favorite Microsoft Computer Science blogger --

"I was asked to pass along the news that the submission deadline for the June 17th Alice Symposium call for papers has been extended to March 31st. You can of course go to that website to find out more about the symposium and register to attend.

There are also some other workshops going on at Duke in June. I understand that they are filling up quite quickly so if you’re interested you’ll want to sign up soon.

Duke in June 2009

* Two-day Alice 3.0 Workshop June 15-16, 2009
* Two-day CompMedia Workshop June 18-19, 2009

* One-week Alice Workshops

* June 22-26, 2009
* June 28-July 2, 2009"

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