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12 Dec 13

Technology Integration Professional Development Guide | Edutopia - Great free guide to use and read that addresses the NETS standards from ISTE.

12 Dec 13

A learning guide for Project Based Learning that you can download and review. A great PD tool for the break.

03 Aug 13

A slick presentation about Google apps for education. Becky Evans created and shared this and says you can use it as a presentation to introduce current features to teachers at your school. Take a look as you prepare to give teachers an overview of Google Apps for Education.

02 Jul 13

The online learning congress has named their outstanding award winners. I was excited to see one of my blog sponsors, WizIQ win best virtual classroom provider for the second year in a row. Lots of interesting companies herein the global education community.

  •   Best Virtual Classroom Provider          », authorGEN Technologies Ltd.
17 Apr 13

Use the buttons on the left to play this interactive whiteboard set of tools for some of the best things you can find for interactive whiteboards. This list was made by Theresa Allen and you should share it with all your teachers who use IWB's. GREAT games and tools. Thanks, Theresa.

17 Apr 13

Theresa Allen is an educator and one of the most helpful people I know. I was perusing her information from her interactive whiteboard online course and found a fascinating mentor mob playlist. This is a very cool tool and I want to learn more about it. If you want to learn more about interactive whiteboards, she has great information on this course wiki.

06 Dec 12

This is my favorite Evernote "help" shared notebook tha I've found from spgscott. I've subscribed to peruse and learn about these things. I almost wonder if we're seeing the evolution of the textbook. What would happen if we could subscribe to the current research and thoughts of a leading scientist? Are we ready for that sort of messy insight into the minds and thoughts of a person who is turning over ideas in their mind. I"m not sure that we are.

01 Sep 12

Pick up a free textbook written by college students on education technology. Of course, as I tried this with my high schoolers, the problem isn't drafting, it is in the editing. ;-)

07 Aug 12

Engage NH has some examples of lessons that they consider exemplars for English Language arts grades 6-12 and math grades 1,2,7, and high school. IF you're looking to see what this looks like in practice, here are some that you'll want to review.

12 Jul 12

August is connected educator month in the US but it is extending to many countries in that teachers will be connecting. This is the website for the activity.

17 May 12

If you wish you could know about everything going on in education, Stephen Downes links to several resources that will help you do just that.

21 Apr 12

As I was reading up on inquiry based learning, I found a research paper from 1999 that has been cited almost 500 times. In this paper, you have an overview of inquiry based learning and how the use of technology is an excellent support for inquiry based learning. (They call it TSIL - technology-supported inquiry learning.) This paper talks about the potential and Opportunities. This is a PDF that I'm reading and filing in my personal research cabinet.

14 Mar 12

Tips for planning an event (via my friend Julie Lindsay.) These are some great tips on planning an event that we're looking to take to heart for Flat Classroom.

06 Feb 12

A new channel on YouTube called the "intelligent channel." I always hesitate when someone defines for me what intelligent conversation is, but I've subscribed anyway just to take a look.

22 Dec 11

This Huffington Post article summarizing findings from a recent Brookings Institute study showing that parental income and education are more highly linked to a child's preschool success than anything else. It also presents the naysayers making for a balanced overview of this report that has lots of people talking.

04 Nov 11

Bev Evans is very popular Special needs teacher in the UK who has shared over 500 free resources for teachers that she uses with her students. She has a child with special needs and is just a cool person. @tes_sen is her twitter handle. She is definitely one that special needs teachers want to follow.

30 Oct 11

This report "Tweeting for Teachers" says social media should be part of teacher PD. as much as I agree with that, if you just unblock social media, it doesn't mean teachers WILL use it for PD. Teach them how. Plus, expect pushback from teachers who don't want to mix personal and business. Although Facebook won't allow 2 profiles for a person, Twitter will and some teachers may want to take that route.

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23 Jul 11

An excellent document from Andrew Churches explaining the evolution of Bloom's Taxonomy into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. This is an excellent reference for educators and is very easy to understand.

13 Jul 11

Membership study of Discovery Educators network and the impact on their professional development. While I have just become someone that you CAN book through Discovery for speaking (to be on their website soon) I do learn a lot from DEN.

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