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02 Apr 14

If you use Evernote, you should download and use Skitch. This is a must use tool for teachers.

05 Mar 14

Deviant Art Galler of Rainmeter skins for those of you who want to use the app.

05 Mar 14

The desktops of the Lifehacker team and others and how they design their desktop. Click the "rainmeter" tab to see how they use rainmeter, for example. Some cool ideas here for designing desktops.

05 Mar 14

One of my students, Z, brought this application desktop customizer to me for his geniushour project. A very cool way to customize a Windows Computer XP-8. Interesting.

25 Feb 14

So, I use Find Big Mail to find all my large mail and then this tool to save all the large attachments to google Drive. I can then go in and remove the attachments and free up space in Gmail. Very cool.

26 Jan 14

Interesting app and way for students to collaborate on projects together. You can take notes together and send to Evernote. Plan activitties and more.. This is a very interesting collaborative tool. You can have 5 people or less on one workspace for free and can connect with Google plus (for you GAFE people.) I wish we had this sort of thing for coordinating college projects. If you have evernote, this might be a boon for you.

13 Jan 14

These 15 things will help you have a better day according to this article and research. If you're working on your routines, you'll want to read this article. Very interesting - I'm not sure about the research on the juice, though.

09 Jan 14

You can accomplish what you need to do this year. Maybe you should plan your year differently. Here are my 10 secrets that I use to be more productive and get more done posted over on the Edutopia blog. Hope it helps.

02 Dec 13

If you want to learn some very cool things here is a synopsis of watching more than 70 hours of TED talks with links. I love these types of summary posts (any wonder?)

05 Oct 13

Backupbox is merging with mover, another service for moving files. If you need to backup or move between cloud services, this is a great way to do it.

05 Oct 13

If you hear people talk about "Inbox Zero" - here are the original documents to help you understand what it is.

05 Oct 13

I always like to watch people who are very productive and am deleting apps that don't add to my life. As a writer, I'm always looking for new cool apps and have been loving IndexCard for a while when drafting and writing books. Here's a new app called Editorial that has me intrigued along with one of the best posts on any app I've ever seen from the Mac Drifter. It has increased support for text versions in Dropbox, which intrigues me the most.

05 Oct 13

You can now edit files in your dropbox from a web browser. If you 're at work and need to edit the files, Textdrop might be for you. It does cost 20.99 per year to sign up for this but for some of you who don't have access to dropbox at work, this might help you. This is also a model for what we may see Dropbox do itself, as cloud syncing and cloud editing move closer together in all apps that want to compete in the space.

05 Oct 13

There are many text editors you can use with Dropbox on your ipad. You can export and import from Pages now, which is one of the ways I most often edit the files, however, if you want to make sure that all of your files are saved in dropbox and you never have to look, you might want to choose one of these apps.

05 Oct 13

There are many apps you can add to Google Drive including wevideo (collaborative video editing), Mind Meister (for brainstorming) and hellofax (for sending and receiving faxes) and more. Learn how to be more productive with Google Drive.

25 Sep 13

Cool little light that can show various colors to indicate things that have happened. This was funded on kickstarter and I noticed it being added to as a channel. So, for example, if you have a big download and want to be notified when it is done - or if you want to be notified when a certain person (Grandma) logs into skype but you don't want to have to log in or look at the screen - this USB RGB light will light in the color you wish. There are so many cool applications for this as we move into the "internet of things."

17 Sep 13

If you use Dropbox for automating your assessment and grading there are so many wonderful tings you can do with Sortmy box. For example, if you have a "turnin" folder that all students can access, you could sweep the files out of there and put it in a private folder for grading. Or, you could move all picture folders to a certain place. This is a very cool app for organizing dropbox, expecially if you want to consolidate pictures or videos.

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