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Jan 06, 12

We allow students to have struggles in Flat Classroom and expect to coach them through the teachable moment. this research seems to back up that is the right thing to be doing. is your learning environment too perfect? a recent blog post, David Ginsburg talks about the role of struggle in learning: “Frustration is a precursor to deep, lasting learning. That’s right, students’ grasp of new concepts and skills is often better when they struggle through the process of learning those concepts and skills than when teachers error-proof that process.” ".

Dec 15, 11

I love this lesson plan which includes algebra, ratios, angles, and stastics that most 9th and 10th graders I know could compute. This could be a very fund summary activity. Look at this PDF and powerpoint and create your own. If you do, please share it with me in the comments or email it to me, I'd like to share what you do.

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