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Oct 21, 13

This Chrome app (also available on Google play and the app store) lets you monitor how many apps are accessing your personal information. This website would be one for many who care about privacy to consider testing.

Apr 23, 13

The free tool, called Your Privacy Type, requires you to take a brief quiz. Microsoft uses your answers to categorize how much you may, or may not, be concerned about online privacy. The supporting website supplies guidance on how to more proactively gain some measure of privacy.

Jan 29, 13

You can ask Facebook's CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) your questions. If you discuss digital citizenship with your students, they might have good questions to ask.

Dec 24, 12

The biggest privacy offenders (hat tip Lifehacker podcast) include Facebook, gmail, MSN Live, Skype, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Plus. This demonstrates whoch internet service providers share your personal data without an official court order. If you look at the infographic, you'll see that Facebook is more than twice the second offender, gmail. Many concerned about privacy are moving to services like PATH for just that reason.

Dec 22, 12

Facebook has launched its response to Snapchat, with Facebook Poke, the self destructing message deliverer? Why would you want a message to self destruct or delete itself if a person tried to do a screengrab on their phone? Well, so you can send goofy pics to your friends with no trace left behind! Never fear, however, teenagers are here. They've been talking to me about how they get around this - if you're snap chatting a friend and you have a friend with you - get the friend up close to be ready to take a picture with their camera phone and then post the pic on Facebook that was delivered with Snapchat. They think it is hilarious but admit that this app is also being used as a new way to "flash" others. How long will it take for everyone to learn that you can't ever really destroy anything any more? If it is done it is permanent - the easiest way to keep private things private is to never do them in the first place. This article goes into more about Facebook poke if you really get into that sort of thing or want to keep up with what the kids are doing.

Dec 21, 12

With 7.5 million kids under 13 on Facebook, the idea that they are testing allowing strangers to message you for $1 is a problem. The whole COPPA/ Lie about your age to get on Facebook coupled with location based services on smartphones that don't require disclosure to parents is going to come to a head and if companies continue to pretend that lying on a checkbox absolves them of the responsbility to protect children, they are wrong.

Dec 19, 12

An excellent article about the recent INstagram outrage and comments that "you are the product." This is a great read and has excellent points refuting this over-used statement about the current business models on the Net. As for me, I'm scrutinizing the services I use and have been trying out - I don't like what Twitter has done by closing down their api and think has potential as a business model. 

From the post:

"We can and should support the companies we love with our money. Companies can and should have balanced streams of income so that they’re not solely dependent on just one. We all should consider the business models of the companies we trust with our data.

But we should not assume that, just because we pay a company they’ll treat us better, or that if we’re not paying that the company is allowed to treat us like shit. Reality is just more complicated than that. What matters is how companies demonstrate their respect for their customers. We should hold their feet to the fire when they demonstrate a lack of respect.

And we should all stop saying, “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product,” because it doesn’t really mean anything, it excuses the behavior of bad companies, and it makes you sound kind of like a stoner looking at their hand for the first time."

Dec 17, 12

This is a very true post about how the mom who wrote the viral post about mental health didn't protect the privacy of her 13 year old son. I totally agree. She should have written it anonymously - she's forever harmed her own child.

"I’m even more appalled that so very few adults seem to care about the potential impact on her son. She is either getting kudos all around for being so brave, so honest, so real, or she is being called out for being retrograde in her attitudes about mental illness and violence. But very few have commented about the effect on her son. It’s as though they’ve written him off. He’s just a talking point. A springboard for discussion. An avatar of people’s worst fears.

But not a child struggling."

Sep 05, 12

Most torrent sites like Bit Torrent are logged and your ip address is being tracked.Best advice, don't try to download things for free that aren't supposed to be free. Be wary, wise, and share it with your students.

Sep 01, 12

I think I'm going to delete my phone number off Facebook for this reason. Be aware that "power" advertisers are going to "get" your email and phone number from Facebook. Personally, I don't appreciate this at all, but then again, any of us who think anything is "free" are being foolhardy. There is no such thing as free, you're always giving something.

Jul 27, 12

This website has daily security tips and is an excellent way to help keep people informed and updated about online safety issues. I'd sign up my whole staff for this one but will at least email it and point it out.

Apr 18, 12

With the current media covering the Royal Family's inlaws "Pippa" this "right to privacy" debate might be interesting to students as framed by the European Convention of Rights. It would be interesting for US students to compare and contrast privacy in different countries.

Apr 03, 12

A ;new proposed law in the UK wants Skype and social networking sites to be required to keep communications for 12 months. I am thinking this would also apply to Twitter. Understandably, privacy concerns swirl around this proposal.

"Ministers say change is needed to help fight crime and terrorism, but critics warn it is an attack on privacy.

Internet service providers (ISPs) are obliged to keep details of users' web access, email and internet phone calls for 12 months, under an EU directive from 2009.

Although the content of the calls is not kept, the sender, recipient, time of communication and geographical location does have to be recorded.

The proposed new law - which the Home Office says will be brought in "as soon as parliamentary time allows" - would extend those requirements to social networking sites and internet phone services such as Skype."

Mar 25, 12

I always tell my students when they travel with me never to joke in airports about anything. I have to admit that the new NSA center with the best decryption capabilities in the world and a seemingly blank check will have me add this article to our reading list as we talk about privacy. We thought the Internet was about freedom but have put so much of our private lives out there we may have just been giving it away. Don't freak out, just be aware. This particular issue is a black box so the article may be filled with conjecture. I thought it was worth the read,

Mar 08, 12

This is a video used by our Digiteen teachers to discuss the impact social media can have on your life (as in a job interview.)

Mar 04, 12

ALERT: Have you cleared your Google web history? #privacy #edchat #engchat

Mar 01, 12

A coalition of American and European advocacy groups sent a joint letter to Google on Wednesday, calling on the search giant to suspend its controversial plan to revamp its privacy policy.

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