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May 10, 14

Video including 51+ ways to use tablets to be a better teacher that I gave for Microsoft this week - over 1500 people registered for this one. Great audience.

Apr 21, 14

App to present when your audience has ipads and they are on the internet as well.

May 02, 12

Prezi is an incredible presentation software program. My students often select this program instead of creating it in powerpoint and uploading to slideshare.

Nov 04, 13

If you've integrated sliderocket (now becoming ClearSlide) into Google apps for edu, you'll no longer have Google integration or free accounts past the end of the year. Sliderocket was acquired by clear slide.

"Thank you to everyone who has inquired about SlideRocket’s free educational initiative through Google Apps. As the integration of SlideRocket into ClearSlide has progressed, it has become apparent that a shift in our approach toward educational accounts is necessary and appropriate. Specifically, due to both technical and practical reasons, we will no longer be integrating with Google Apps or offering free educational accounts beyond the end of the year."

May 02, 12

I've seen some things from people who are testing (and love) Powtoon. This is only in Beta but this lets you create cool cartoons for your presentation.

Nov 30, 11

I'm speaking Monday at 4 pm as part of Blackboard Collaborate's distinguished lecture series. It is a free webinar and this is the link to go to to register. This is what and how I teach my students online and prepare them to present online. Every student is required to present online twice a year in my computer science class and once a year in my 9th grade computer fundamentals. IT is just as important as face to face presenting and in some ways could be more important as it could potentially have more reach for my students.

Nov 20, 08

Insert live web pages into your powerpoint. Use this to embed html pages live into your powerpoint.

Feb 05, 10

Presentation covering 16 cool ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom.

Oct 30, 08

Those who want to share a presentation they've done with the K12 online community, share at the K12 online fringe festival just starting up at notk12online -- ANYONE can submit a preso on ANYTHING. So, dust off those slideshares and vids and start sharing!

Aug 22, 08

Information about Thursday's presentation -- there will also be streams that you can listen to if you don't make it into Second Life.

This is a cool free PD opportunity and you'll get to see me learn something VERY new!

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